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How To Continue Wedding Planning In The Midst Of COVID-19

You’ve probably heard about coming up with a Plan B in case bad weather strikes your outdoor wedding. But what the hell can you do during a global public health crisis? What do you need to do?

Ways To Include Your Pet In Your South Asian Wedding

My pets are number 1 in my life and chances are yours are number 1 in your life, too. And that means that your wedding is just as much about them as it is about you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Thanks to so many of the pet-obsessed that have come before you there are a TON of ways to include your pet in your wedding festivities even if they can’t be in attendance at the ceremony itself (puppy at the mandap, anyone?).

How To Use Pampas Grass In Your Indian Wedding Decor

Chances are that as you’ve skimmed through Pinterest or Instagram looking for wedding decor inspiration, you’ve come across chic, boho wedding decor using pampas grass. And while it may not be an eco-friendly addition to your landscaping, dried pampas grass is a great sustainable alternative to other wedding flowers. Get inspired with these 5 ways you can integrate pampas grass into your Indian wedding decor.

South Asian Wedding Trends For 2020

2020 is the year where things get bolder, from color schemes and bridalwear to mehndi and revamped ceremonies. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to decorate, what to wear, or unique ways to personalize your event, check out some of the trends we’ve rounded up for you.






To streamline how busy American brides like you find whatever they need for their South Asian wedding.












The Busy Bride's Guide to Wedding Planning

How to Plan Your South Asian Wedding Without Losing Your F***ing Mind

It IS possible to plan your Indian wedding without losing your f***ing mind – with The Busy Bride’s Shaadi Guide to Wedding Planning. Our 42-page ebook structures your wedding planning into manageable chunks and takes into account all of the details that apply to us busy South Asian American brides on the go.


Worried about what to buy? Refer to the included shopping checklist. Panicking about what measurements to get from your bridal party, significant other, and for yourself? There’s a measurement guide for that. Wondering how on earth you’re going to space out all of the vendor bookings, budget planning, and squeeze in some quality time with your partner? We’ve broken it all down for you.


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Shaadi Bingo

Bingo cards arranged on a gold foil marble background

Can you imagine anything more cringeworthy than a bridal shower game that asks you what your favorite sexual position is – in front of your South Asian family members?


Awkward bridal shower games are a thing of the past. Avoid giving your family a mental image of you and your partner in the sheets with the family-friendly Shaadi Bingo.




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