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Vaibhav & Parag's Progressive Indian Wedding

A lot of the improvements that Vaibhav and Parag made were out of necessity – it goes without saying that traditional South Asian wedding ceremonies don’t naturally lend themselves to LGBTQIA couples. But even if you aren’t having an LGBTQIA wedding, you may be searching for an example of how other couples eliminated gendered, exclusionary, and patriarchal language or rituals. And the good news is it’s easier than you think.

Dulhan Shopping Guide: Surrey/Vancouver

Not a fan of the limitless options, throngs of people, and extended days of travel required for a wedding shopping trip to India? Then a trip to Surrey, British Columbia, might be the perfect shopping locale for you. Sure, you won’t have the endless rows of stores and shopping districts you’ll find in India, but for a lot of us busy gals on the go, less is more.

5 Ways To Pull Off Your Fusion Wedding

You always dreamed of walking down the aisle towards a flower-covered mandap but your groom always dreamed of watching you walk down the aisle in his hometown’s church. How do you reconcile these two dreams? With fusion weddings becoming more of the norm these days, figuring out how to combine separate cultures and religions is a lot easier than it used to be. So how exactly can you recognize both you and your partner’s different, distinctive, and important religious and cultural traditions? Here are 5 ways how.

Kissing At Your Indian Wedding

The Bollywood movies we grew up with are famous for their censored kissing scenes, only to be replaced by women writhing around in wet saris and men giving nose nuzzles to their necks (not a thing, folks). So it’s no surprise that as adults, we might feel some kinda way when it comes to getting rid of that censor in our own lives, especially at our weddings.






To streamline how busy American brides like you find whatever they need for their South Asian wedding.












Shaadi Bingo

Bingo cards arranged on a gold foil marble background

Can you imagine anything more cringeworthy than a bridal shower game that asks you what your favorite sexual position is – in front of your South Asian family members?


Awkward bridal shower games are a thing of the past. Avoid giving your family a mental image of you and your partner in the sheets with the family-friendly Shaadi Bingo.






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