14 South Asian Wedding Planning Books To Keep You Organized

by Raj Desai | 9/24/21

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Photos of Indian wedding planning book and milestone cards on purple background

If you’re like me and you grew up with weddings shoved down your throat thanks to Hollywood, Bollywood, and overeager parents, you’re probably familiar with the trusty wedding binder.


There was Monica’s enormous one on Friends. The J. Lo vendor version in The Wedding Planner. And now everyone and their mama has released their own take on wedding planning books.


Which is awesome! Except South Asian American weddings are totally unique, with specific planning needs and milestones.


Thankfully, it’s 2021. And we have a huge variety of our wedding planning books that take our cultures, traditions, and religions into account. 


From books replete with checklists to those on the more creative side (like illustrated milestone cards), there’s a lot to choose from.


Best of all, whatever you settle on also becomes a sentimental keepsake that you can touch, feel, and look through long after your wedding is over. 

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Flatlay of Indian wedding planner with illustrated bride on the cover
Sikh wedding planning book with red lehnga illustration on the cover
Indian wedding milestone cards

Lotus and Bells

Price: $50.11

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Flatlay of green wellness planner

Sikh Wedding Guide

Red and gold Sikh wedding planner with gold pen on top


Hindu Wedding Planner photo
Pictures of downloadable pages in Sikh wedding planner
Muslim wedding planner digital downloadable pages


Flatlay of maroon Desi wedding planner book on wood table


South Asian wedding planner
Destination wedding planner

The Sheet Box

Picture of Indian wedding journal propped up on table

Journey of 2 by SK

Photo of outside cover and inner pages of wedding planner

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