18 One Minute Sarees To Get You Dressed In A Jiff

by Raj Desai | 10/5/21

All outfits listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan is not compensated for any of the following recommendations.

Pictures of 3 different One Minute Sarees on Light pink fall backdrop

I LOVE to wear saris. But I’m terrible at tying them. Seriously terrible at tying them. In my family, it’s what I’m kinda known for.


Every time there’s an event, I proudly exclaim, “I’m wearing a sari!” I’ll try to tie it myself. It’ll add an extra 2 hours to my getting ready time. And at said event, someone else will have to re-tie it for me.


Every. Damn. Time.


Maybe you’re the same way (hi, twin! 👋🏾). The good news is that in response to our 3-hour saris, there is now the appropriately named One Minute Saree.


Pre-pleated. Clips for security. Built in petticoats. Affordable (starting at $75! 🥳). You literally just have to wrap it around and clip it in place.


AND you get it fast too. 10-14 days fast (up to 20 depending on your  customizations). 


I also like that you have the option to get it without a blouse, a $10 pre-stitched blouse, or a $25 custom blouse. 


So if you’re scrambling to find a beautiful, easy, budget-friendly outfit for a busy wedding season, look no further than these 18 favorites. 

One Minute Saree
One Minute Saree
Pink net lehenga saree
Gigi Net Pink Saree
Pink Net Gigi Saree
Linen olive green sari
Navy blue silk sari with orange border
Rina Cream sari with floral pattern
Sequin blue cocktail sari
Pink chiffon sari
Yellow and black tie dye chiffon saree
Mia green Bandani sari
One Minute Saree
Hand painted pink sari
Purple silk sari
Grey woven silk sari
Woven Silk black sari with red and gold pattern
Hot pink silk sari

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