18 Statement Pieces From Outhouse for $250 and Less

by Raj Desai | 1/25/21

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan is not compensated for any of the following recommendations.

Bird earrings with birdcage detail

When I first started searching for brands and designers that I thought you’d like, I had no clue how vast the world of South Asian fashion was.


Seriously. I spend my days scouring every corner of the internet and, 3.5 years later, I’m *still* stumbling onto new (at least, new for me) businesses. Outhouse is one of the latest additions to that list.


I don’t know a ton about this company beyond what they have on their site and social pages. But what I do know is that their jewelry is exquisite.


Yeah, they’re a little pricey. Okay, some of them are REALLY pricey (psst: subscribe to our newsletter for the skinny on their annual sale). But that’s the beauty of wearing statement jewelry—you only need one piece to complete your look.


So, if your style is on the contemporary and avant garde side and you’re in the market for re-wearable bridal jewelry to match, then this list is for you.


Take a look at my favorite Outhouse jewelry pieces for $250 and less.


Jade Tusk Earrings

Jade tusk earrings

Lophorino Coronet Dazzlers

Bird and birdcage earrings with green stones

Arbour Tassel Treasure Earrings

Modern hanging tassel bridal earrings

Hand pieces

Little Plum Handharness

Kundan stone haath phool

Envie Handharness

Price tag: $189

Buy the Envie Handharness

Pearl and animal haath phool

Apolline Tusk Handharness

Blush pink tusk haath phool

Head pieces

Lumiere Crystal Hairclips

Small lumiere crystal hairclips

Bla-Zara Head Piece

Large white and gold tikka

Pearl Liasion Maangtikka

Model showing off small CZ and gold plated tikka


Magnifica Fil Necklace

Pink thread choker with oversized emerald jewel

Heritage Necklace

Price tag: $235

Buy the Heritage Necklace

Long Indian bridal necklace

Pearl Bud Necklace

Nose Rings

Leonarda Septum Ring

White and gold bridal septum piercing

Crystal Mogra Nath

Delicate crystal bridal nath

Eternité Nose Accent

Delicate pearl bridal nose ring


Eternité Rose Midi Ring

White gold and rose statement rings on model's hand

Bougainvillea Spell Ring

Bright oversized candy pink ring

Embrace Claw Ring

Price tag: $231

Buy the Embrace Claw Ring

Modern crystal nail claw statement piece

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