20 Things To Treat Yo’ Self To That’ll Help You Relax While Wedding Planning

by Raj Desai | 10/25/21

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Illustration of woman soaking in tub

I was terrible about practicing self-care when I planned my wedding.


You know how it is. You’re so busy studying, working, planning, and trying to get through the day that carving out time to just be can feel…selfish.


Well, it’s not!


In fact, I’d argue that your mental health and emotional wellbeing are the MOST important things to focus on leading up to your wedding. Especially when you’re dodging curveballs left and right (just send in the damn RSVPs, people!).


If you’re calm, centered, and zen, those things probably won’t phase you…as much (I mean, it *is* still your wedding 🤷🏾‍♀️).

Whether it’s a hot cup of tea while you soak in the tub, your favorite book coupled with a fizzy cocktail, or a few precious minutes of meditation, find meaningful ways to disconnect, recharge, and enjoy the journey (roller coaster?) that is wedding planning.


And if you need help finding the right tools to help you do that, I got you! Check out this list to self-care your way to your wedding day.

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heavily meditated

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