We looooove shooting our Dulhan Goes series! The whole point behind these videos is to digitally introduce NC couples (we’re keepin’ it local for now!) to vendors and wedding events around our state because we know that y’all are busy and you probably don’t have the time to check them all ou

Skill Level: Easy Time Required: A few hours Cost: Nothing Alcoholic Drinks Consumed: One (for fun!) One trend that we are love love LOVING for wedding décor is the lounge furniture setup. I’ve seen these setups at bridal shows in person and in pictures online and BOY do they make a statement! We

Skill Level: Easy Time Required: One day Cost: $$ Alcoholic Drinks Consumed: Surprisingly few A DIY floral chandelier? We know, it sounds ridiculous. But what else are you to do when you find a spare chandelier chillin’ in your mom’s garage? My mom had her chandelier replaced ages ago and in tru

Skill Level: Easy Time Required: Endless Cost: $$ Alcoholic Drinks Consumed: We lost count The Idea Here’s how it started – we were surfing the Facebook page of The Wedding Brigade (huge wedding website for brides in India, they have an AMAZING collection of wedding inspiration pics on their FB