2022 Wedding Trends Are Here

by Raj Desai | 1/7/22

We made it to 2022, y’all! And whew, is this year BRIMMING with weddings. An estimated 2.6 million, according to The Knot, which is the most weddings to happen in one year since 1984. 👀 Crazy, right?!


And what a year to get married! We’re more eco-conscious and inventive than ever (thanks, climate crisis and pandemic), and as a result, weddings are the most beautiful that they’ve ever been. 


With the Bridgerton-craze set to crescendo with season 2’s spring premiere, cottagecore is still very much in. And along with it, we’ll see lots of playful and innovative outfits, faux florals, upcycled fashion, and elevated DIY décor. 

There’s so much to be excited about this wedding year. Let’s dive in!

Pantone's Color Of The Year

I might be biased, but periwinkle is a magnificent and underused color. And I’m glad the folks over at Pantone learned from their vomit-inducing 2021 combination of ultimate gray and yellow (how the hell do you make those colors look good together??), and made a brand spankin’ new color, Very Peri.

No matter if it’s your entire wedding palette or used sparingly as a pop of color in a sea of neutrals, it’s going to look amazing. Very peri is elegant, spirited, and romantic. Plus, it’s an inspired choice for your bridal or grooms wear.


And if you’re not into periwinkle, you’ve got a number of other color predictions to plan your wedding palette around.

Upcycled Fashion

We saw it all over the red carpet this year, and thank GOODNESS upcycled fashion is in. 


This is a great option for wedding guests, who can get creative with what’s in their closets, or turn to the rental wear pros that abound for South Asian formal wear


It’s *also* a sentimental way to pay homage to your parents’ wedding through your wedding outfit.


Salvage stones and appliques from your mom’s lehnga or sari. Repurpose the fabric from your dad’s outfit. Or get the whole thing redesigned into a modern silhouette, like a dhoti bridal outfit or jumpsuit.

Bride wearing her mother's wedding lehnga at her own wedding
Source: WedMeGood

Backyard Escapism

Which is a fancy term that means bringing your destination wedding dreams to wherever you are, because Covid is a relentless b*.  


It’s also a great idea because destination weddings–more specifically, the flights required for destination weddings–are bad for the environment (so by being a homebody, I’m basically a superhero, right…?). 


So why not bring the charm of a destination wedding right to you? Your theme, color palette, and design choices can enhance whatever world you want to get married in.

Removable Wallpaper

If event planner to the Kardashian Mindy Weiss ordains it, so be it—removable wallpaper is officially in.


It’s the easiest way to make a show stopping photo wall or backdrop for your mehndi party. Personally, I love every removable wallpaper pattern by Rifle Paper Co. Target’s Opalhouse collection has beautiful designs. And you can always turn to good ole’ Amazon to find a range of patterns and textures.


If removable wallpaper seems scary and a little too semi-permanent for you, put it in picture frames (different sizes to add dimension) or apply the wallpaper onto individual wood panels. After the wedding, repurpose the panels as frames by putting your wedding photos in the center, and adding glass on top. And you can repurpose your framed wallpaper as wall art.


Yes, I’m still as obsessed with this trend as I was during my first lustful (no shame) viewing of Bridgerton.


But what exactly is it? It’s a trend that focuses on the comfortable, cozy aspects of romanticized cottage living. 


Unkempt floral landscapes. Climbing plants on home exterior walls. Maximalist mismatched décor that somehow forms a seamless, cohesive design. 


There are countless ways to include the cottagecore aesthetic into your wedding events. Through your outfits. In your flower arrangements. As the inspiration for your mehndi design. With your wedding colors.

Whimsical Wedding Wear

So I know new year’s resolutions are pointless, but my one resolution would be to make more friends so I can go to more weddings and wear colorful, bejeweled, embellished, whimsical South Asian clothes (major introvert. 🙋🏾‍♀️ Not happening. Would rather die). 


I’m talking about the eye-catching designs by celebrity-loved Papa Don’t Preach. The soft romance of Peace Lily. The enchanting embroidery from Harkiran Basra. Each outfit is more vibrant, exciting, and playful than the last. 🙌🏾

Faux Florals

You can mark “supply chain” on your pandemic bingo card for this one.


Worker shortages at the beginning of the pandemic coupled with the climate crisis (which, ironically, the fresh flower industry contributes to) are to blame. 


The solution? Faux (silk, not plastic) florals. Create a custom design from a few affordable purchases that you’ll be able to love for years down the road.

Raj Desai

Content strategist and UX writer who’s been researching and writing about weddings for 5 years. Addicted to Netflix, dirty martinis, and naps.

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