4 Vision Boards for a Bridgerton-Inspired Indian Wedding

by Raj Desai | 1/7/21

Bridgerton cast posing together

Bridgerton is SO GOOD. The storyline is entertaining and well-written. The cast is incredible. And unlike other shows, no cliffhanger at the end of the season! I know the status of Duke Hastings and Daphne AND I know who Lady Whistledown is. But the thing that drew me to this show above all else? Eye candy!


And no, I am not referring to the Duke of Hastings (*clears throat*). I mean, not just the Duke of Hastings. It’s the set. The colors. The costumes. The patterns. In the words of a review I read, “it’s a confectionery delight.”


As I watched the story unfold among the backdrops of society parties, manicured gardens, and ivy-covered estates, I thought to myself, WOW, would this look gorgeous as event décor.


And not just because it’s romantic, whimsical and would look incredible in your wedding photos. Bridgerton’s set design and décor are perfect for the intimate garden weddings that will continue through 2021. Not to mention, their décor choices echo and maximize the best of 2021 wedding trends.


So if you’re as obsessed with the Bridgerton life as I am, use these 4 vision boards to recreate the silver screen magic for your wedding.

Pink Chinoiserie

My binge-watching memories of Bridgerton are slightly hazy so I can’t specifically say which party inspired this vision board (will re-binge, check back later). But oh, do I remember the details.


The boxwood floral panels on the walls. The vibrant floral peacock installation on the dance floor. The beautiful pink walls. It was a picturesque setup for a wedding.

Pink floral vision board inspired by Bridgerton

Recreate it

Color palette

Go heavy on the blush and soft shades of pink as your primary colors. Add texture and balance with your secondary colors, Chestnut Rose and Jade. Make it dynamic with pops of your accent colors, Prussian Blue and gold, in your linens, tableware, and outfits.



Photobooths of yore are kitschy and dated. Instead, do like the Bridgertons and go full-on boxwood panel with flowers. Or DIY it with a cardboard cutout and paper flowers attached. Bonus: Your photobooth now doubles as décor.


Mix n’ match

Get small Chinoiserie (Chinese motifs and techniques applied to 18th century art, furniture, and architecture) prints or wallpaper samples from Society6, Etsy, or Google Images, print them out and put them in Dollar Tree frames. Use different patterns in complementary colors. And after the wedding you can hang them in your house (wedding keepsake!).



A lush floral installation will anchor your backyard décor. Indian weddings have featured these for years (think elephants, peacocks, deities). Stick with tradition or get creative with something personal (my vote? Your pet!). It could even double as your photo booth.


Bridal wear

Get that romantic Bridgerton bridal look with the Katherine Lehenga or the Rosebuds Lehenga from Kynah. And for your whimsical unique bridal jewelry? Outhouse Jewellery is the place for that. Get one standout piece (not gonna lie, their prices are eyebrow-raising) or shop from their annual summer sale (subscribe to the Dulhan newsletter to stay in the loop).


Cotton candy Champagne

Take this theme to the next level by adding romantic and fun details like cotton candy-topped cocktails. We have an amazing artisanal cotton candy store locally, Wonderpuff, and I have personally tried her lavender and salted caramel flavors—they’re out of this world good! P.S. Wonderpuff ships 🥳

Garden affair

Some of the best scenes in Bridgerton were outside in the sweeping green gardens of London estates. Thankfully, you don’t need to live in an 18th century mansion or promenade with the lookie-loos to get the same effect.

Vision board with primary colors of green and purple

Recreate it

Color palette

Tone down the pink in lieu of purple hues. Accent it with shades of green and, my favorite (in case you couldn’t tell), gold.


Sustainable florals

The beauty of this vision board is that it leans heavily on using natural and existing plants. Use flower or herb potted plants that you already own (or buy them and keep them after the wedding) and play up the flowers, ferns, and trees in your existing landscaping.


Natural mandap

Maybe a boxwood mandap isn’t natural, per se, but it sure is impressive! If you’re aiming for something simpler and cheaper, turn to what’s already available to you: 2 trees as the pillars of your mandap, an ivy-trellis as your backdrop, or keep it open air.


Bridal wear

Go for a monochromatic outfit where a rich, saturated color does the talking, like Moornii’s Ivy lehnga (in the vision board) or my all-time favorite Wine o’ Clock lehnga from Luxie Couture. And play up the garden theme with a floral Indian jewelry set like those from Le Fleur Jewels, Flosaira, or Prune.


Edible flowers

It’s so easy to incorporate edible flowers. They’re a budget-friendly, delightful detail that will impress your guests and look dynamite in your photos. Toss multicolored ones in some drinks. Freeze them in ice cube trays. Garnish your mini-desserts with them. Or work with your florist and baker to come up with an on-theme look for your wedding cake.

Cascading florals

Was I the only one completely enamored by the front façade of the Bridgerton family home? Pink flowers all over their fence. Purple flowers all over the brick exterior. But the real star was the bursts of baby’s breath. Put it all together and we’ve got a vision board for cascading florals.

Bridgerton Indian wedding vision board floral theme

Recreate it

Color palette

Ivory, cream, and sage take the lead here. Touches of soft pink (and even pastel blue) add depth. Gold and deep green accents round it all out.


Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath is the unsung hero of wedding flowers. Previously dismissed as the supporting actor, baby’s breath is back as the main event. And why not? It’s inexpensive and beautiful to look at. Use it as part of your floral photo booth. Create hanging installations with big bouquets of it. Wear it in your hair. Or as your haath phool (*big* 2021 trend).


Lounge furniture

Lounge furniture isn’t new. But thanks to COVID minimonies, it’s surging in popularity. You don’t even have to get fancy about it by renting furniture. Use what you already have!


Maybe a friend or relative has a rattan cushioned set like the blue one pictured above. Or maybe you’ve got a settee and a couple of ottomans in your house that you can put outside. Add a throw rug (again, something you already own), a coffee table and some flowers, and you’re good to go. And don’t worry about matching, mixing patterns and colors is a 2021 trend.


Bridal wear

Soft drama is the name of this bridal wear game. *Really* loving the $276 Cotton Candy sari from Mani Jassal, which is beyond perfect for that romantic Bridgerton-vibe. Add some more cascading flowers with floral kaleerey like these pink ones from Flosaira.


Floral mehndi

I love love LOVE seeing all of the unique and custom details brides incorporate into their mehndi. Skylines. Pets. Portraits. Stethoscopes. Why not take it a step further and go the floral ivy route? Make sure you have lots of white space like the inspo pic above. It helps your design stand out.

Moonlit magic

The 4th and final vision board might possibly be my favorite (but please don’t force me to choose!), because twinkly hanging lights + night is pretty much all you need to make this magical dream a reality. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Indian wedding vision board for an evening backyard wedding

Recreate it

Color palette

Wave 👋🏾 to warm pinks and hello to calm and serene shades of blue as your primary colors. Shades of green will add a lush, elegant feel. And nix the gold, which you’ll get plenty of from warm lighting, in favor of silver.


String lights

String lights make EVERYTHING look better. Making them a focal point for your décor is an easy and wallet-friendly way to transform your backyard.


Photobooth + floral installation

But this time, make it crescent moon-shaped. You can make a big one with real flowers like you see in the vision board, or make a few small ones with sustainable and recyclable materials.


Bridal wear

I’ve been in favor of soft and simple outfits for the first 3. But for this one? The more sparkles and embellishments, the better! Go for the Audrey Lehenga depicted above, or the appropriately-named Midnight Lehenga. There’s also the steel grey Kinsley Lehenga, or stand out from all the blue and green in the Mauve Metallic Lehenga.


Signature drinks

How about a Dark & Stormy to stay on-theme? Or a sparkly concoction inspired by the stars in the night sky? The sky’s the limit (hehe) for how creative you can get.

 Raj Desai

Founder & Chief Visionary, proud fur mom of 2, amateur artist, Netflix binger, wino, and chocolate addict.