5 Ways To Find A Progressive Officiant For Your Hindu Wedding

by Raj Desai | 2/25/22

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Wouldn’t it be nice if all wedding officiants were progressive? Hell, I’d settle for one that just gets our names right. Apparently, I got married to a guy named Somil, not Romil. 

Even just 5 years ago, your best bet on finding a progressive priest was either watching one in action, or asking Auntys and Uncles and praying that you both defined “progressive” the same way (spoiler alert: you don’t).


I’m happy to say that it’s a hell of a lot easier to find a progressive officiant now than it was then. The short ceremony of your dreams sans patriarchy and misogyny is within reach! All you need is an internet connection and a little time.

Start With Sadhana

If you’re having a Hindu ceremony, the no-brainer number one place to start your search is Sadhana. It’s a US-based network of progressive officiants. There’s a handy form for you to fill out with wedding details, and they’ll do their best to pair you with someone in their network.

Vendor Directories

I’m not talking about The Knot or Wedding Wire (bloated. Not helpful!). I mean the numerous, culturally specific, South Asian directories that have multiplied over the years. Combined, they offer a robust list of vendors spanning the country, including officiants.

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Dildiya Concierge

I love this unique service and would have 1,000% used it when I was engaged (the planner we hired was a nitwit). Pay by the hour and have the experts at Dildiya find a progressive officiant for you.

Little Brown Diary

Here’s a not so little secret about me: I hate social media. It’s awful for my mental health, and my life is so much better without it. But before I signed off (mostly) for good, I got to experience the community created by the Facebook group, Little Brown Diary.


With thousands of South Asian womxn in it’s ranks, it’s an excellent place to get recommendations from your fellow brides. Search the weddings and events subgroup for previous recs, otherwise you can post your inquiry there.

Ask An Officiant

Maybe you stumbled across one progressive officiant, but they don’t offer services in your area. Ask them if they know someone who will! Chances are they’re tapped into professional networks and will have a referral handy.

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