6 Building Blocks For DIY Disney Mehndi Decor Magic

by Raj Desai | 12/29/21

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DIY Disney Mehndi illustration with magic wand and Cinderella's slipper

I am Disney obsessed

Owner of 4 How to be an Imagineer books obsessed. Tried to create an Imagineering major in college obsessed. Disney documentary watching, stuffed animal owning, wish I lived in the taint of America (Florida) obsessed.

Despite my extreme love for all things Disney, it never occurred to me to sprinkle Disney magic onto my own wedding, like the way this couple did at their Disney World destination wedding.

I had NO IDEA you could get married at Disney World! 


Though I imagine that a Cinderella castle wedding costs a pretty penny. And if it’s South Asian to boot? Yeah, not cheap.


Then I saw a second approach to the Desi Disney wedding: instead of going to Disney World, bride Ruchi brought Disney to her by wearing a Cinderella-style reception outfit, complete with glass slippers. 

Groom placing Cinderella slipper on his bride's foot

I’m a huge fan of how Ruchi included her favorite Disney details, the good old fashioned (and affordable) DIY way. Because getting married at a Disney Park is spectacular, but not realistic for a lot of us. 


And you want to know a good opportunity for a DIY Disney wedding event? Your mehndi party.


Perfect, right?! 


It’s typically held at home, so the sky’s the limit on how you incorporate your favorite Disney elements. And to bring your theme full circle, you can include artwork of your favorite characters and movies in your mehndi design.


Have I convinced you? Are you now intrigued by a DIY Disney mehndi? Good! Here are the 6 building blocks you need to bring the magic to life.

Theme It

You gotta have a theme. Why? Because a simple Google search for Disney party decor means you’ll end up with supplies that are more appropriate for my 2 year old’s birthday party instead of your wedding. I think we can both agree that you want to avoid that.


Here’s a secret: you don’t need to have Disney-specific decorations to create the Disney feel. Focus on elements like votives, flowers, patterns, textures. The magic is in the details. 


But first! Pick a Disney movie, character, or park and narrow down your theme. The more cohesive the aesthetic, the greater the impact, even if your décor is affordable and minimal.

Illustration of Disney theme and matching aesthetic

Choose Your Color Palette

Next, choose your color palette. The easiest way to do it is to Google this formula: Disney movie name + wedding color palette. 


You’ll get a variety of palettes and inspo pics to work from. What’s the vibe you like the most? That’s the color scheme you should go with. 


For instance, if your theme is based on Princess and the Frog, you can either go full on vibrant colors like bright teal and green, or opt for an elegant French Quarter palette with black, blush, and seafoam. 

Wedding ideas for Princess and the Frog

Pick The Right Backdrop

Set the stage for your Disney theme with the right backdrop, like with this $97 “Once upon a time” backdrop for Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast.

Once Upon A Time Backdrop
Grass panel photo

How about this $8 rose gold fringe foil curtain for The Little Mermaid?

For Aladdin, think velvet jewel-toned drapery ($28). Or the saris and dupattas you already have hanging in your closet.

Navy blue velvet curtain backdrop

A Good Chair Goes A Long Way

Be deliberate about the chair you choose to sit in, for both your comfort (mehndi application takes HOURS) and your Disney theme. 


Again, this is DIY, so it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even work backwards from what you, friends, and family already own. 


A cane patio chair is perfect for the Lion King. A Louis Chair for Cinderella. Or a deep navy blue seat for Beauty and the Beast. 


To nail that picture perfect look, add a faux garland or fresh blooms to it.

Get Creative With Decorative Accents

THIS is the fun part, where you can personalize your theme in the ways that speak to you the most. 


Think little glass slippers ($5.39) for your Cinderella theme, or hanging Moroccan-inspired star lanterns ($17.99) if you picked Aladdin.

Mini glass slipper party decor

Metallic animal figurines ($46.05) for The Lion King, or pops of feathers ($22.63) for Princess and the Frog. 

Gold safari animal figurines

Book bursts ($14) for Beauty and the Beast, or scalloped plates ($9.49) for your Little Mermaid tablescape.

Hanging book burst decor
Watercolor clam plate

For more flair, add candlestick holders for $16.90 a piece (Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella), candelabras for$ 9.80 a piece (Princess and the Frog), or small gold votives for $17.40+ (The Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid).

Cluster of brass candlesticks
Gold candleabra

Add A Dollop Of Desi Flavor

You’re nailing your Disney theme, but what about adding that South Asian flavor? Easy!


Give some dimension to your backdrop with gota patti garlands and bunches ($29.99+)

Gota patti bunches

Gota patti bunches in gold or silver add an inexpensive yet whimsical touch. Hang them in front of your backdrop, or place a few clusters around the chair you’ll be sitting in to get your mehndi done. 


How about a dainty bridal parasol for your Cinderella or Little Mermaid decor? Pataaree will hook you up for $80 a pop (place your orders a *minimum* of 6 weeks prior to your event to allow for production and delivery).

Get color coordinated mehndi cone covers from Pirohi by NB. You could even personalize the covers with Disney quotes along with your wedding date.

All right, you Disney fiends, there you have it! The 6 building blocks to DIY Disney magic at your mehndi. If you go the DIY Disney mehndi route, please share the pics so I can swoon over them!


And if you have some creative Disney DIY wedding ideas of your own, leave a comment to help inspire your fellow brides. 🪄

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