6 Places To Shop Affordable Lehngas That’ll Get You Through Wedding Season

by Raj Desai | 9/23/21

All outfits listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan is not compensated for any of the following recommendations.

Sparkly blue anarkali on peach background

Once upon a time, I asked a local vendor what ‘wedding season’ actually means. He said it’s 10 months out of the year, excluding January and February.


So if the whole year is wedding season, then we can shop for wedding season all year…?


Okay, maybe my logic isn’t airtight (to anyone but me). 


But even if you’re invited to just 1 South Asian wedding a year, you’re going to need a handful of outfits to get you through the minimum number of events.


Which is fun for your IG feed! But sad for your bank account.


Unless you know of affordable spots to shop, which I do! And I’m here to impart that knowledge to you. 

WESTxEAST Digital Service

You know that scene from Clueless where Cher uses a computer to mix and match her wardrobe options?


That’s kind of what the wardrobe service from WESTxEAST is like, but, ya know, South Asian. 

Essentially, you’re getting 6 wedding-ready South Asian outfits in one package. And each piece is also designed to fit into your existing wardrobe for daily use. 


Which means you can literally wear your fancy top to your virtual meeting, then throw on the rest and run right out to an event. 


It’s not just clothes randomly thrown together, either. There’s a whole design process in place where you work with co-founders Tania and Liya, get a Digital Design Book with swatches and 2D sketches, and updates from their production team in India. 


Because the outfits are custom made, I don’t have a price for you here.


But considering how much a single fancy outfit costs? This is a budget-friendly way to make it through a bajillion weddings and look different every time. 


I found Loukiya the way I find everything else…the ‘gram.


And I *instantly* fell in love with this bubblegum pink Banarasi sari, which I promptly bought for myself for Diwali 2020.


It came fast, like 10 days fast, and I was delighted to see that the blouse had 3 stitch lines. I removed one of them and got the perfect fit. 


I even got a “you look like a princess!’ compliment from a cute little girl in my neighborhood. Thanks, kid! I sure felt like one. 

Luxie Couture

I’ve wanted to order an outfit from Luxie Couture for 3 years now, but haven’t taken the leap yet. Mostly because everything was canceled because of COVID.


But when the parties pick back up, you better believe I’m going to show up in a Luxie Couture piece.


The styles. The cuts. The sparkles. What’s not to love?!


And I really like that everything is mostly traditional with a few modern touches. They’re timeless outfits that will stay in style year after year. 

Purple Pink Couture

That 3 year desire to order from Luxie Couture? Applies here too (must be something about these ‘coutures’…).


I love how sparkly and ornate the Purple Pink Couture outfits are. 


In fact, one of my favorite lehngas that I’ve every seen (and I’ve looked at lehngas all day, every day for 5 years), is their blue-gray Mehreen organza set ($439).


If you’re looking for something to wear to a winter wedding, this is it!


I only just discovered Aayka this past week, but even though they’re brand new to me, I am *loving* their selection of vibrant and budget-friendly formal wear (especially my namesake! The Raj Sherwani).

Having a Bridgerton-inspired mehndi? Check out the Zoya Lehenga ($350). Colorful sangeet? The Nora Lehenga ($415) is a showstopper.


No matter if you’re the one getting married or going as a guest, you’re guaranteed to find something stylish to fit within your budget. 


Phera is one of the first companies I stumbled onto in the early days of Dulhan.


I’d go as far to say that they’re *the* most affordable South Asian clothing site that’s out there. And that makes it perfect for wedding guests and wedding parties alike.


And if you think affordability means sacrificing style, think again.


Take, for instance, the Boyfriend Shirt Lehenga Set ($172). Or the Vanilla Mint Sharara Set ($210). 


And by the way, break those sets apart and you have pieces to mix and match for daily wear, or for your other South Asian formal outfits. Win!

Raj Desai

Content strategist and UX writer who’s been researching and writing about weddings for 5 years. Addicted to Netflix, dirty martinis, and naps.