7 South Asian Wedding Directories To Kick Off Your Vendor Search

by Raj Desai | Updated 8/14/21

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Is there anything more frustrating than the vendor search and interview process? Yes! And that’s pleasing your parents.


Since I can’t help you with that (hey, it’s been 33+ years and I’m still workin’ on my own), I’m going to channel my support towards the former.


We all know about the Knot and Wedding Wire. And we also know how bloated and completely useless their directories are. Okay, maybe ‘useless’ is a little harsh.


The point is, we want targeted, culturally-specific information to help. Us. Plan. Faster. And (wo)MAN is that hard to find!


Until now. These days we have a ton of tools at our disposal to discover vendors. Google. Instagram. And, most importantly, South Asian-specific wedding vendor directories. Here’s a look at 7 of them.


Best for: Budgeting Brides


What is it: There’s lots to find at DilDiya—an exhaustive directory of vendors, planning tools you can purchase, and an affordable (and long overdue) concierge service for those of you who want extra help, but balk at the cost of a full-service wedding planner.


Check out DilDiya

Maharani Weddings

Best for: Inspiration-seeking budget breakers


What is it: Maharani Weddings is the longest-standing, most widely recognized US wedding resource for South Asian brides. Their Platinum Vendor Guide has a mix of vendors from all over the US. You won’t find as many options as DilDiya, but it’s a great place to start.


Check out Maharani Weddings

Pyaari Weddings

Best for: Budgeting brides in major US cities


What is it: Pyaari Weddings is the newest vendor directory to hit the scene—but with a twist. They’re not only making vendors accessible, but they’re also trying to make pricing and fees transparent.


Check out Pyaari Weddings

Project Marrygold

Best for: West coast brides


What is it: Project Marrygold features vendors specific to California-based brides.


Check out Project Marrygold.

South Asian Bride Magazine

Best for: Inspiration-seeking budget breakers


What is it: Another widely-recognized name, South Asian Bride Magazine has an online directory that, like Maharani Weddings, has a mix of vendors from across the US. And if you’re still planning your wedding once the pandemic dies down, check out their eponymous luxe wedding shows that span the US.


Check out South Asian Bride Magazine

The Desi Bride

Best for: Texan brides


What is it: Another business born from a (stressful) wedding planning experience, The Desi Bride is a vendor directory for those of you hailing from the great state of Texas.


Check out The Desi Bride

Brown Bride

Best for: Brides anywhere in the US


What is it: Brown Bride is another extensive directory featuring vendors from major cities in the US. It’s a newer platform, but you’ve got a healthy amount of options to browse and select from.


Check out Brown Bride

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