8 Must-Have Products for Your Mehndi Party

by Raj Desai | 1/24/21

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan may be compensated for some of the following recommendations.

Pastel mehndi cone covers over sage green background

If I had to pick a favorite wedding event, it’d be mehndi. It’s serves as the official kick off to your wedding week, and it’s filled with laughter, music, and one of the most beautiful art forms *ever.* 


Another reason I love mehndi parties the most is because you don’t need a lot to make it a success. Decorating minimally? Inviting a handful of people? Keeping the party short and sweet? That sounds just about perfect to me.


Now, if you were to ask, “Raj, what’s the most basic list of inexpensive items I can get for my mehndi?” I’d send you this list; take a look at these 8 must have products for your mehndi party. 


Are masks an unnecessary purchase? Maybe. Especially since most of us keep ours handy. But if you want personalized (and useful) favors for your guests à la pandemic life, this is a good way to do it.

Disposable pink face masks wedding favors

Lemons + sugar

If you want your mehndi stain to stay light, you can cross these off your list. But if you’re like me and want your stain as dark as possible, then you’ll need lemons and sugar, AKA the cheapest wedding-related purchase you’ll make. 


Here’s how to make your stain darkening solution:

  • Boil 3 tablespoons of sugar in water.
  • Add an equal amount of lemon juice.
  • Apply the syrupy solution to your dried henna.


Once upon a time when I was an unenlightened bride-to-be, I tied plastic bags over the dried henna on my arms and legs. The goal was to sleep with them in place, and chip away the henna in the morning.


When I woke up, there were henna flakes EVERYWHERE. All over my bed and clothes. The plastic bags were—surprise, surprise—no longer on my arms, but tangled in the sheets. And while the lemon-sugar syrup did wonders for my mehndi stain, it was a b*tch to get off. Enter Hypafix!

I first saw this in an IG post from Henna House by Angela and it is GENIUS. Apply the Hypafix on your dried henna. And you’re free to move around without leaving a trail of dried henna flakes in your wake. When you’re ready to see the end result, peel it off and watch dried henna come right off with it.

Mehndi cone covers

Pirohi by NB, the creator of the choora cover, has done it again. This time? It’s covers for mehndi cones. Are they an expense you could do without? Sure. Will you get your money’s worth if you buy them? Yes!

Not only will they look beautiful in your wedding photos, but you can repurpose them for other special events like Diwali.

For The Kids: Mehndi Books, Cones, And Stencils

If you’re budgeting in mehndi application for little kids, you’re a more generous person than I am. 👀


By the time my mehndi party rolled around we were already over the total wedding budget by a few G’s. So to keep costs low but still include the kids, we bought a mehndi design book, stencils, and extra cones. You save money on the henna artist. They still get to be a part of your event. Win!

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