8 Stunning Geometric Mehndi Designs to Steal for Your Big Day

By Raj Desai | 5/3/21

Women with deep dark stain mehndi design over white background
Instagram | @almasa.su
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I’ve always loved getting my mehndi done. The intricate patterns. The deep dark stain. Even the smell (I know. I’m weird). And after a lifetime of watching on-screen Bollywood brides get bedecked with mehndi past their elbows and knees, I couldn’t wait for my turn.


Even though I was crazy excited for my bridal mehndi, preparing for it was pretty low on the wedding planning priority list. Like, last-on-the-list low. Which means I gave very little thought to the actual design and just picked one from the artist’s portfolio.


You see, I’m IG-averse (proud introvert), so I didn’t know that there was a whole world of imaginative, creative, and original mehndi designs to choose from. Portraits of you and your fiancé. Portraits of your pets. City skylines. Icons representative of your career and values. Designs so fantastic that you’re only limited by your artist’s skillset.


Out of the many striking designs I’ve discovered (like the minimalist ivy one, #hellobridgerton #bringbacktheduke), geometric mehndi stands out as an all-time fav. I know, I know. The woman who hates math likes something related to…math??


Ah, but geometry in visual design is different. I get lost in the predictable symmetry and refreshing minimalism. And the fact that something that sounds so boring (ugh math UGH) can actually be full of personality and character.


But, like everything else, don’t just take my word for it. Get inspired with this round-up of striking geometric mehndi designs.

Henna CKG

Woman showcasing top of hand with geometric diamond mehndi design

Susan Soleil

Mehndi design with clean lines from tip of middle finger to elbow

Body Art by Almasa

Hand over dark background with criss cross minimal mehndi line design

Toko Mehndi

Clean geometric mehndi design on green background

Rukhsar's Henna

Bride posing with geometric mehndi design over backdrop of green flowers

 Raj Desai

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