Get The 2022 Décor Trend That’s Celebrity Approved: Wallpaper Accents

by Raj Desai | 2/16/22

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Chinoiserie wallpaper backdrop for white wedding cake

The Mindys of this world are a gift. On one hand we’ve got our loveable, hilarious, world dominating Mindy Kaling.

And on the other we have Mindy Weiss, event planner and decorator to the stars. As the go-to designer for the likes of the Kardashian-Jenners, Mindy Weiss is responsible for eyegasms like this:

And this:


Yeah. She knows her stuff. So when Mindy Weiss shares her secrets on events, take heed. Like this little tidbit she shared with Vogue on what’s in for 2022 wedding décor:


“If you added a wallpaper accent wall during the pandemic (or just liked Instagram posts showing before and after), then you’ll welcome wallpaper to wedding design! Whether it’s your grand entrance backdrop or the scene behind the band, these are the perfect places to bring in your signature wedding colors.”


Yes! Wallpaper accents! What a creative way to add life and vibrance to your decorations. 

Make a statement with an entire wallpapered wall. Take it down a semi-permanent notch with wallpaper panels. Or use different sized framed wallpaper as your mehndi backdrop.

Incorporating this Hollywood glitterati approved 2022 trend in your event is easier than ever thanks to removable wallpaper.


Put it up wherever you like, take it down whenever you’re finished. And with so much variety in colors, patterns, and even material, removable wallpaper can take your event from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant. 

Ready to jump on the removable wallpaper train? Check out these sumptuous patterns that are perfect for any wedding event.

A menagerie pattern that’ll invite your guests to take a walk on the wild side. 

Tiger in the woods colorful wallpaper backdrop

Price: $1.50+

An elegant chinoiserie mural if you love all things Bridgerton. 

Chinoiserie peel and stick wallpaper

Price: $5+

A Great Gatsby style pattern that’s dazzling enough for a Baz Luhrmann set.

Gold floral wallpaper pattern on dark black background

Price: $0.60+

Rainforest wallpaper to bring on the tropical vibes in any wedding location.

Tropical rainforest peel and stick wallpaper

Price: $12.60+

Geode macarons on periwinkle and gold patterned plate

Mehndi décor made easy.

Delicate, pencil thin florals if chic minimalism is your thing.

Floral line drawing wallpaper pattern

Price: $4.95+

A pink heron pattern to heighten the romance of your wedding décor. 

Pink heron peel and stick wallpaper

Price: $20.13+

Colorful wildflowers that’ll turn your boho aesthetic up a notch. 

Colorful wildflower pattern

Price: $29.84+

A maximalist leafy green design to make your mehndi backdrop super sumptuous. 

Dark jewel tone leaf pattern on cream background

Price: $0.45+

Pastel blue block print wallpaper that celebrates an Indian art form *and* adds a touch of whimsy. 

Pastel blue peel and stick wallpaper with block print pattern

Price: $20+

A slightly textured vibrant Mumbai-inspired print that’s both elegant and playful.

Animal patterned Mumbai peel and stick wallpaper

Price: $92.36

A floral pattern that’s perfect for your outdoor spring wedding event. 

Floral pattern wallpaper with dusty blue and blush pink flowers

Price: $6.40

A sophisticated Indian mural so luxe, your wedding photos will look like an editorial spread straight out of Vogue.

Indian mural wallpaper

Price: $4.25+

A dreamy pattern in periwinkle if you’re as obsessed with this year’s trending color as I am. 

Periwinkle ginger jars peel and stick wallpaper

Price: $110+

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