A Love Letter To La Chai Cart

by Kirti Patwari | 6/29/22

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Piping hot chai with Parle-G biscuits—it’s a classic, comforting combination that’s been a staple in South Asian homes for decades. Now this timeless duo’s getting a delicious upgrade on New Jersey and California’s whimsical mobile chai station, La Chai Cart

Founded by diehard tea lovers, La Chai Cart is a gourmet chai and sweets station that comes bedecked with decorations as mouthwatering as the spread. Lotus Biscoff cheesecake bites. Ras malai tres leches cake. Chaimisu. Is your mouth watering yet?!

Full of sweet treats, this cart is a paradise on wheels (well, classic vintage wheels). And the best part is that it’s all customized to your aesthetic. Whether your event’s theme is a Bridgerton-inspired garden party or a sleek modern fête, there’s a La Chai Cart setup to match.


La Chai Cart is located in Lomita, CA on the West Coast and in Woodbridge, NJ on the East Coast.


La Chai Cart lets you choose from an array of packages based on the number of cup servings. Starting from an $800 package that serves 100 cups up to a package serving 500 cups, you have 9 service options to choose from.


Each package comes with carts that are fully decorated according to your color scheme with matching assorted dipped tea biscuits. Sugars, cups, stirrers, and small plates are included. They also offer a refreshing range of beverages like traditional teas and flavored lemonades. 


You can also go for their scrumptious specialty add-ons like Chaimisu or Tres Leches shot glasses for an added cost.

My Favorite Displays

This lovely chai cart decorated in the most pleasing palette of pastels will make a great addition for a wedding setup under the sun. 

Covered in bodacious blues, this cart has my heart. The drapes have just the right amount of glitter and cookies drizzled with the most delicious looking frosting and sprinkles!

This vibrant cart carrying cool beverages will be a big hit at your summer wedding.

This cart with red and gold décor screams South Asian wedding. The dazzling drapes, the beautifully wound rose vine, and all that shimmer in the backdrop makes a wonderfully traditional and elegant setup.

Assembled for a classic white and gold wedding, this cart is a treat for the eyes.

Brought together in the most soothing shades and subtle embellishments, a chai cart like this one will effortlessly become one with your wedding décor.

I love how the beverages, the desserts, and the drapes are so delightfully color coordinated on this cart. The dainty florets on the wheels and the hanging votives add to the charm.

Take your mehndi event up a notch with this fuchsia and forest green chai cart.

This adorable micro setup on a vintage dresser bedecked with balloons is all you need to make wedding parties stand out. The hues of sage and gold make a fabulous pair here, just like biscuits and chai!

The beauty of black can’t be underestimated. Give it some gold and it’ll be magic! At least that’s what this beverage cart looks like (notice the lit up wheels!).

Adorned in the most playful shades and neat strings of marigolds, this tea-on-wheels will make an excellent addition to your mehndi. I love how the complimentary cookies are covered with pink and yellow drizzles.

This one has a quintessential South Asian look to it and might just be what you’re looking for. The azure waters in the backdrop massively accentuates the aesthetic.

This plush pink chai cart decked up with the sweetest girlish décor of drapes and flower vines is all you need to amp up a bridal shower.

Here’s a dreamy beverage cart with a white & silver theme. I am in absolute awe of how the glimmering drapes, the ivory blossoms, and cookies dipped in white chocolate come together to create a stellar look.

Loved these La Chai Cart setups? Share which of them was your favorite in the comments below. To find out more about booking La Chai Cart for your event, visit their website.

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