Aashni + Co. Sale Roundup: Groomswear

by Raj Desai | 8/17/21

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan is not compensated for the following recommendations.

South Asian models in groomswear on orange background

There are so many new businesses that have made it easy to shop for South Asian bridal wear from the US (or, more accurately, our couches).


If only it was the same for grooms!


I’ve done a fair bit of research over the years, and I can count the amount of US-based, menswear-dedicated stores on 1 hand. With 1 finger. 


Although, I will say that this was not a problem for my husband when we were engaged, considering he couldn’t care less about what outfit he wore. Which resulted in him walking out to our first look in the wrong colored turban. 🤦🏾‍♀️


Which is why I was so excited to see a good amount of options for your groom—and on sale, to boot!


You won’t just find outfits, either. They also have men’s accessories, like colorful kalgis for safas and turbans and embroidered loafers. 


Like I mentioned in the Aashni + Co. sale roundup for bridal wear, this sale is massive and you aren’t limited to what I have here. Just use this list to get your feet wet and have fun exploring!

Ankit V. Kapoor

Price: $436.72 | You save: $291.15

Perfect for: Ceremony

Buy it here

Green embroidery on blush pink sherwani

Price: $234 | You save: $156

Perfect for: Ceremony

Buy it here

Navy blue brocade sherwani

Price: $101.32 | You save: $67.55

Perfect for: Ceremony

Buy it here

AK_Floral Nehru Jacket

Jatin Malik

Price: $1533.35 | You save: $657.15

Perfect for: Ceremony

Buy it here

Cream sherwani with green stole

Price: $1351.35 | You save: $579.15

Perfect for: Ceremony

Buy it here

Deep peach sherwani

Mahima Mahajan

Price: $446.16 | You save: $111.34

Perfect for:

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Coral raw silk sherwani

Price: $508.56 | You save: $127.14

Perfect for: Sangeet

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