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Indian bride and groom exchanging first look in traditional red clothing

I’ve survived a lot of craziness in my days. A psycho ex-boyfriend. A hotel room robbery committed by a guy dubbed “The Nipple Biter.” Early 2000’s fashion. But nothing, nothing tops the insanity of wedding planning.


Some of the chaos was inevitable (SO to my fam), but a lot of it could have been avoided—had I been armed with the right information. But the only resources I could find were token diversity posts on Western websites, and luxury, $250,000+ weddings on South Asian websites.

I wasn't just looking for inspiration. I needed information.

Don’t get me wrong, looking at pictures of over-the-top weddings with yachts, elephants, and Bollywood-hired entertainment is fun. But not realistic. Especially for this Indian girlie in NC, whose budget was a fraction of that.


See, I wasn’t just looking for inspiration. I needed information. Information on money. Shopping. Décor. Trends. Actionable, relevant, helpful information. That’s why I made Dulhan, to give you the absolute best resource available for everything related to South Asian American weddings.


After 5 years of running this website, it’s still evolving. What started out as a vendor directory is now an independent resource platform, and I’m always tinkering on improvements to make Dulhan work harder for you.


If there is anything I can do to make this website better, please don’t be a stranger—say hi and let me know. Until then, have fun discovering with Dulhan!




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