The Dulhan Story



Indian bride with henna toasting mimosas with friends


We all know that wedding planning is a pain. In. The ASS. There’s so much that goes into planning for a South Asian wedding – and who the hell has time for that these days? Not us! We were tired of searching around the internet for practical information, only to find real wedding blogs featuring weddings that looked like the Indian cousin of Kim Kardashian’s (yeah, *some of us* are on a budget).


We wanted to know where to get our wedding outfits. How to handle our helicopter and control freak parents. Ways to have a progressive wedding. How to know which vendors to hire. We wanted real information for real people like us.


Since we couldn’t find information like that anywhere, we decided to make it for you. Because you know what’s better than wasting time searching for wedding info? A cocktail or two (or five) at happy hour instead. So get your drink on and leave the wedding work to us.

Our Mission


To streamline how you filter and find whatever you need for your South Asian wedding.

Our Vision


To ignite thoughtful conversations, challenge cultural norms, and provide unparalleled wedding services to the South Asian diaspora.