Always Have A Bindi At The Ready With One Of These Bindi Books

by Raj Desai | 3/28/22

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Isolated image of bindi book over abstract shapes and peach background

Lehenga on. Earrings in. Bindi on my finger. And I’m perplexed. Where does the bindi go?


Okay, obviously I know that it goes on your forehead. But where on your forehead? Centered between your eyebrows? Sitting above? Halfway above?


Frowning into my reflection, I waved my bindied finger around trying to find the right spot, a task made all the more challenging by the fact that one of my eyebrows is higher than the other.

Thanks to my recent study of Madhuri Dixit’s pictures in painfully precise detail, I now know that proper bindi placement is halfway above your eyebrows. Which is great, since that’s exactly where I didn’t place my bindi before I went to that reception last July.

As the wise ones say, you can’t win ‘em all. And at least I had bindis on hand to f* up in the first place. A ton of them, in fact, all conveniently located in my bindi book.


A bindi book is exactly what it sounds like—a small, hardy book brimming with bindis of different colors and sizes. It’s perfect to have on hand if you’re one of 2 types of people: you wear bindis on the reg, or you wear them rarely (in which case your book will last you a looooong time).


Ready to get your bindi book? Here are some of the best ones I could find. 

A pastel bindi book that has my favorite color (and 2022’s color of the year), periwinkle. 

Pastel bindi book over peach satin fabric

Price: $25.03

A classic selection of colorful, round, velvet bindis.

Flatlay photo of open bindi book with colorful velvet bindis

Price: $29.25

Periwinkle plate with gold foil illustration of henna plant

Effortless Décor

A classy choice for your soiree—the gold foil Henna Plant plates. 

A big book of ombré bindis to give your accessorizes some added edge.

Bindi book of round bindis

Price: $30.99

Solid colored bindis in a variety of shapes if you think circles are boring.

Different shape and size bindis in one bindi book

Price: $32.99

Luxe bindis with light stonework in a rainbow of colors.

Different sized colorful bindis with light stone work

Price: $27.54

Luxe bindis with heavy stonework (also in a rainbow of colors).

Blue bindis in different sizes with heavy stone work

Price: $27.54

Embellished bindis in every style to match your fashion mood.

Multi style bindis in different colors

Price: $25.03

Glitter bindis to add a touch of sparkle to everything that you wear.

Glitter bindis

Price: $18.70

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