Bandanas And Bow Ties For Dogs Who Hate Wearing Clothes

by Raj Desai | 1/11/22

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Sawyer, my cockapoo, is indifferent when it comes to wearing clothes. Mainly because he knows he looks good in a winter blue flannel. 💅🏾

White speckled cockapoo wearing blue flannel dog shirt

My Aussie, Penny, is a different story. She hates wearing clothes. Trying to get her to wear them is like a cowboy stand off out of a Western movie. But instead of a gun, I’m wielding a brightly patterned Target Christmas sweater. One small move from me…and she bolts!

Moral of the story? Just because we love dressing our dogs up, doesn’t mean that they love dressing up. 


If your dog is like my Penny, you should consider a happy medium for your wedding day to keep your dog comfortable, happy, *and* dressed to impress—with bandanas and bow ties.


Here’s a list of them that are easy to wear for your pups, and fancy enough for your wedding. 🙌🏾

Red brocade pet bow tie

Price: $17.99

Buy the red bow tie

White bandana with thin gold paisley design
Silver and gray cool toned fancy pet bandana
Pom pom embellished pet bow tie
Pink, red, and gold pet bandana
gold and white bandana
Royal blue and gold pet bow tie
Royal blue and gold bow tie

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