For Wild Wedding Guests Who Love To Party, Here Are Hangover Kits

Raj Desai | 10/22/22

Raj Desai | 10/22/22

Writer, designer, and walking encyclopedia for South Asian weddings.

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Fabric hangover kit bag with insert items laid around it

I think I speak for all us out-of-town wedding guests when I tell you that the one detail we appreciate the most (besides an open bar) is a hangover kit.

South Asian weddings are marathons. They put my partying and recovery to the ultimate endurance test. And I”m no superhero! Like everyone else, my hangovers have gotten so much worse with age. You know you’re old when the sight of an extra strength Tylenol makes your heart tingle (maybe I should tell my doctor about that).


Pop a little pill, drink some EmergenC, dab at last night’s wine stain with a bleach pen, and we are good to go! Like I said, us guests really appreciate it. 


Also, I’m not advocating that you buy a hangover kit for every room in your hotel room block, or every out of town guest. Just the wildest ones. Hopefully that narrows it down for you! If not…your wedding’s going to be a blast and I want to come.


Here’s a roundup of hangover kits with a variety of goodies inside. Choose wisely!

Bags With Supplies

This pre-filled kit from Hanna Roberts Shop comes with everything you need to nurse a nasty hangover.

Hangover Kit with supplies from Hanna Roberts Shop

Price: $19.99+

Customize everything about Favor Bag AR’s hangover kits from the sticker, size, and supplies.

Hangover Kits

Price: $4.50+

The only valid question to ask after a night of bad decisions.

Fabric hangover kit bag with insert items laid around it

Price: $3.15+

This kit from Northern Knot Design Co. comes with everything a morning of hangover self-care needs. Choose from 3 different styles to customize the supplies.

Iridescent resealable hangover kit filled with beauty items

Price: $3.15+

How about this holographic kit from Plan Your Events? Yet another kit with options, choose from 3 different varieties to switch up the supplies.

Silver wedding survival kit

Price: $8.73+

do less work.

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Personalize this kit from Stevie’s Design Studio with the message of your choice.

Clear cover hangover kit with personalized writing

Price: $5+

2 designs, 5 sizes, different supplies; this kit from Pop Studio Creations is a hungover person’s dream.

Brown resealable bag hangover kit from Pop Studio Creations

Price: $4.50+

Bags Only

Get a pack of 20 stickers and wax type bags from Sweet Love Favors to assemble your own kit of travel-sized goodies.

White paper bag hangover kit

Price: $6.15+

HELLO EVNT’s bag is cute enough for your wedding or as a bachelorette party favor. 

Hangover kit fabric bag that says Totes Hungover

Price: $2.50+

Here’s a good one from Party to the People Co. with a minimalist design and message. 

Minimalist hangover kit bag from Party to the People Co.

Price: $2.15+

How perfect is this for your Mexico destination wedding?!

Hangover kit fabric bag with message Adios Hangover

Price: $2.15+

Where are my Disney adults at? This one from Big and Lil Occasions is for you. 

Disney hangover kit bag

Price: $2

Obviously we need a Harry Potter-themed bag, like this luxurious purple one from Wedding Presse.

Hangover Kit

Price: $5

The only acceptable thing to say after a long, boozy Sangeet. Love this cute bag from Team Hen.

Team Hen hangover kit bag

Price: $2


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