Black Friday Sales: Bridal Wear

by Raj Desai | 11/25/21

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan is not compensated for any of the following recommendations.

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Don’t you just love Thanksgiving? The air is crisp. The food is delectable. And at the end of it, sweet elderly women transform into savage wild-eyed linebackers. 

It’s Black Friday Eve, y’all!


I, for one, have never been a fan of Black Friday. You want me to wake up when it’s still dark out, after an ENTIRE day of cooking, eating, and drinking, to get pushed around in mosh pits of sales crazed bargain hunters? No, thank you!


No, for me the perfect Black Friday shopping experience is done entirely online. And if you’re looking to save money on all things wedding-related, it’s perfect for you too.


Granted, there aren’t a *ton* of websites selling clothes, accessories, and other random South Asian wedding goods. But out of the ones that do exist, you can find deals that are worth waking up early for (JK online shopping FTW!). 


And if you’re too lazy to search for deals? Well, that’s what I’m here for. 


So brides, this one’s for you. All the listed outfits are from Kynah’s Black Friday sale. Happy shopping!


Price: $682, originally $718

Buy the Lilac Nude Free Lehenga 

Nude ruffled lehenga for cottagecore minimalist bride

Price: $480, originally $505

Buy the Leheriya & Pastels Sari 

Black Friday Bridal Wear


Price: $700, originally $1,227

Buy the Laila Lehenga Sample Size

Powder Blue sparkly lehnga

Price: $741, originally $823

Buy the Anita Lehenga 

Black Friday Bridal Wear


Price: $976, originally $1,027

Buy the Red Bohemian Belt and Dupatta Set

Red Bohemian monochromatic bridal lehnga

Price: $1,015, originally $1,068

Buy the Red Bohemian Frida Wildflower Lehenga

V cut red bridal lehnga

Price: $495, originally $550

Buy the Ishani Lehenga Here

Black Friday Sales Bridal Wear

Price: $885, originally $932

Buy the Rose Pearl Lace Belt & Dupatta Set

Nude Minimalist Bridal Lehnga
Mint Lace Lehnga

Price: $738, originally $820

Buy the Jeanne Sari

White and gold embroidered bridal sari

Price: $792, originally $880

Buy the Jayne Sari 

White bridal sari


Price: $644, originally $715

Buy the Selene Lehenga

Black Friday Sales Bridal Wear

Price: $818, originally $861

Buy the Meeka Lehenga

Dark green lehnga with strapless top

Price : $875, originally $972

Buy the Rekha Lehenga

Silver foil lehnga skirt and black sparkly top

Price: $776, originally $862

Buy the Neetu Lehenga

Gold and gray sparkly lehnga

Price: $500, originally $556

Buy the Gloria Sari

Sparkly white modern sari

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