Brown Bridal Wear Is The Trend To Watch

by Raj Desai | 4/12/22

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Models wearing lehengas in chocolate, champagne, and coffee shades of brown over blue patterned background

I know what you’re thinking—brown? For your bridal lehenga??

I, too, scrunched my face up at the thought of this trend. What a ridiculous color choice for a bride! Brown is so…blah. 


Now, if my momma taught me one thing, it’s that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet (only Whatsapp 🤦🏾‍♀️). So of course I needed to see evidence of this fashion atrocity for myself. My fingers flew across the keyboard as I searched for brown lehengas, expectantly waiting for pictures of outfits as bland as what I imagined to load on my screen.


But…wait. These outfits aren’t boring. They have sparkles. Soft fabric. And Cinderella-style skirts. They’re bewitching


And they’re not in a drab ordinary brown like I had pictured in my head, but luxurious shades of it like champagne, chocolate, and terracotta.

Top off this surprisingly stylish bridal wear choice with an equally surprising addition—pops of blue (à la the resurgence of Y2K fashion trends). And voilà! Now you have countless options for creating a modern color palette: Beige, white, and turquoise. Champagne, gold, and navy. Mahogany, silver, and cornflower. 


Who would’ve thought brown could be so exciting? Start putting together your brown bridal wardrobe with this list.

Stay comfy in a taupe jumpsuit that’s perfect for a hot summer night.

Brown bridal wear

Price: $700

Twinkle under your reception lights in this flouncy net Parul Gandhi lehenga.

Brown net lehenga with sparkly top

Price: $563

A champagne-base lehenga bursting with color for your destination (or destination-themed) wedding.

Champagne base lehenga with coral and turquoise pattern

Price: $1,384

A high-necked Bhumika Sharma gown that screams high fashion.

High neck anarkali gown

Price: $1,043

Periwinkle plate with gold foil illustration of henna plant

Décor That Delights

Chic, affordable, and only at Dulhan.

A long lace top lehenga that oozes 90’s perfection. 

Long lace top lehenga

Price: $900

A coffee-colored embellished number from Seema Gujral that’s so showstopping, it belongs on a red carpet.

Coffee colored embellished bridal gown

Price: $1,376

This Amit GT lehenga in mocha with delicate lavender detailing. 

Mocha embellished lehenga with lavender embroidery

Price: $1,946

A sangeet ready champagne-base lehenga sporting a colorful, bold chevron design.

Champagne base lehenga with chevron design

Price: $972

A honey colored bridal lehenga from renowned fashion house Abhinav Mishra.

Honey colored lehenga with mirror work

Price: $5,604

This 90’s bridal throwback in a sumptuous shade of cinnamon.

Cinnamon colored lehenga

Price: $1,084

A shimmering toffee net-based lehenga with silver all over.

Silver and brown bridal lehenga

Price: $1,205

A light coffee colored lehenga embellished in a pink and green floral motif.

Floral embellished brown lehenga

Price: $2,419

A Sahil Kochar tiered gown with embellishments that are a work of art.

Tiered pewter gown with floral embellishment

Price: $4,865

A chocolate brown lehenga dripping in colorful jewel-toned stonework.

Chocolate brown lehenga with colorful stone work

Price: $2,697

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