Buy Affordable South Asian Party Jewelry From These Stores

Raj Desai | 11/3/22

Raj Desai | 11/3/22

Writer, designer, and walking encyclopedia for South Asian weddings.

Side by side photos of necklace set and 2 gold bracelets

I’m a champagne taste, malt liquor budget kinda girl.


Please don’t mistake this for me being a financially responsible person. In fact, the only thing my husband asks for Christmas every year is that I don’t get crazy and spend too much money. And since the holidays are nothing without tradition, every year I continue to ignore him. 

There’s one thing I’m not willing to spend crazy money on, and that’s party jewelry. I’ve spent $100 on a pair of kundan earrings from a brick-and-mortar store, only for them break as soon as I get home. Marked up prices for eh quality jewelry only helps the store. It leaves me short 100 bucks, on top of being without jewelry that I needed for a special event.


Over the years, for selfish reasons first and foremost, I’ve kept a keen eye out for affordable online stores that sell pretty, trendy, sturdy jewelry. And I’ve accumulated quite the list!


If you need a necklace set for an upcoming wedding, a new tikka to refresh an old outfit, or even other accessories like dupattas, shawls, and juttis, these are the stores that you should turn to first. Here are the most affordable stores for South Asian party jewelry. 


Raj Desai

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