Celebs And Vogue India Love This Designer

by Raj Desai | 4/18/22

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Models in Shloka Khialani outfits in lavender, dusty pink, and dark teal green over colorful tropical background

Who is Shloka Khialani? According to the internet, we don’t know a whole lot. This designer is shrouded in mystery—not in a salacious way, but in a calm before taking the fashion world by storm sort of way. 


Here’s what we do know: Shloka is, in fact, one person. Not 4 designers like MadSam TinZin, or 2, like married couple Shyamal and Bhumika. Shloka started her eponymous fashion label at the ripe young age of 25—an age, mind you, when I was still blacking out at every Midtown bar in Atlanta.

We also know that she’s recently married herself, and that the bride looked ravishing in white.

And the most important thing of all to know about Shloka Khialani? You can purchase her designs right here in the US. Retailers from Cali (home of Hollywood loved Kynah) to Chicago (home to Studio East 6 where Deepti from Love Is Blind got her wedding lehenga), now carry her clothing line. And everyone from Vogue India to Never Have I Ever’s Richa Moorjani *loves* her designs.

Tack me onto the growing list of Shloka devotees. I may not own any of her pieces myself, but I did spend hours staring at every design I could find—and they’re exquisite. 


Sets in strong monochromatic colors. Blouses, dupattas, and lehengas richly decorated with zari (a fine thread of silver or gold). Flowing and figure flattering fabrics that create movement reminiscent of the sculpting greats (think Giovanni Strazza’s The Veiled Virgin).

Shloka Khialani design pictured next to image of sculpture The Veiled Virgin

In isolation, each element of her designs is impressive. Combined, it’s a symphony. No one feature overpowers another; they coexist harmoniously.


Compared to other popular South Asian bridal designers like Anita Dongre or Sabyasachi, the price for a Shloka Khialani outfit is more affordable.


Guests can find wedding worthy outfits as low as $400. On average, most of her pieces are around $800 (works for both guests and brides). And bridal wear specific designs are listed online for as high as $2,000.

Where To Shop Shloka

US-Based Retailers

Make appointments or browse online for Shloka pieces at these US-based online and in-person retailers:


Terra Inde


Riya Collective

Studio East 6


Other Ecommerce Retailers

You can also find Shloka’s line at these other online retailers:

Aashni + Co

Aza Fashions

Pernia’s Pop Up Shop

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