Christmas Gift Guide For The Bride-To-Be In Your Life

Raj Desai | 12/2/22

Raj Desai | 12/2/22

Writer and walking encyclopedia for South Asian weddings. Designer of South Asian party goods.

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan may be compensated for some of the following recommendations.

You’re probably here for 2 reasons. One, you’ve got a bride-to-be in your life that’s notoriously hard to shop for. And two, you’re scrambling to find her something good a mere 20 days before Christmas. 

I got you, fam! From books to help her plan, party goods to help her celebrate, and mementos she can carry into her marriage, you’ll find delightful ideas on this list that she’s bound to love. 


Whatdya say we wrap up your Christmas shopping list? Stop stressing and get ready to enjoy the holiday – and the look on your friend’s face when she opens her gift – with this year’s Christmas gift guide.

For the newly engaged

White luxury wedding planner for Sikh wedding

Price: $32.03

Hindu wedding planner

Price: $83.28

Indian wedding planner on easel

Price: $60

Digital Indian Wedding Planner

Price: $25

Muslim wedding planner with illustration on cover

Price: $83.28

For the one who's always cold

Pink sweatshirt for bride-to-be

Price: $25.50+

Christmas Gift Guide

Price: $15.99+

Tan sweatshirt with fiancé written on it

Price: $12.95+

Colorful pink bride-to-be sweatshirt

Price: $30+

Minimalist bride-to-be sweatshirt

Price: $38.99+

Military green sweatshirt

Price: $21.99+

Christmas Gift Guide

Price: $25.50+

Merry and Bride sweatshirt

Price: $34.99+

White fluffy slippers

Price: $12.32+

For indulgence in self-care

Candle for bride to be

Price: $16.95+

Bridal Emporium

Price: $5.12

Candle for bride-to-be with cute saying

Price: $13+

Spa gift box for bride-to-be

Price: $48.62

For the one who loves coffee

Modern glass coffee tumbler

Price: $12.75+

Small coffee mug with retro design

Price: $21.59

Christmas Gift Guide

Price: $24.99

White coffee tumbler with green cursive writing

Price: $22.99

Bride-to-be coffee mug

Price: $18.99+

Minimalist glass tumbler

Price: $15+

Small white mug with writing

Price: $18

Glass tumbler with retro writing

Price: $19.99

For the one who loves her pet more than her fiancé

Dog bandana for Indian wedding

Price: $20+

Flower crown for dog

Price: $35+

Dog cake topper

Price: $10.67+

Custom dog stir sticks for cocktails

Price: $25+

Velvet green bow tie

Price: $8+

I Do Too leash for dogs

Price: $25.95+

For the one obsessed with Christmas

Christmas Gift Guide

Price: $14.50

Pink bride-to-be Christmas tee

Price: $13.99+

Calligraphy ornament

Price: $15.95+

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