Colorful Umbrellas To Spice Up Your Wedding Décor

Eager to get your hands on decorative umbrellas? Here's your round up. All products were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan may be compensated for some of the following recommendations.

Side by side photos of hanging umbrellas at Indian wedding

Your traditional, festive celebration isn’t complete without an array of colorful umbrellas.

They’re the gold standard for festive South Asian wedding décor. And for good reason, too! Bright colors and mirror embellishments give you maximum impact for a reasonable price.


Best of all, you can reuse them over and over again for future celebrations, like birthdays, anniversaries, and Diwali. 

Popular ways to arrange umbrellas include incorporating them into your stage backdrop, displaying them around the dance floor, and hanging them from the ceiling.

Or you can style them in a way that’s unique and out of the box. Make your backdrop entirely out of umbrellas. Hang them from trees for outdoor events. Source umbrellas in modern colors and styles from décor companies like Chandigarh-based Pataaree (psst: They ship to the US!).

Mehndi hanging umbrella

Adequately inspired? Great! Because finding umbrellas that are just right for your wedding event is super easy these days. Easier still if you’re here, because I’ve got one convenient list for you to shop from. 🥳 


Different patterns. A range of prices. Equally vibrant. Here’s your round up of festive wedding umbrellas. 

Picture of one mirror embellished umbrella

Price: $92.40+

Choose from a 5, 10, or 20 piece set.

White umbrellas on grass

Price: $74.99

10 piece set

Olive green and gold umbrellas

Price: $75.49

5 piece set

Orange and yellow hanging umbrellas

Price: $34.99+

Comes in packs of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100.

Assortment of different colored mehndi décor umbrellas

Price: $37.55+

Comes in packs as small as 5 and as big as 200.

Indian colorful umbrellas on grass

Price: $75.49

10 piece set

20 piece set of colorful sangeet umbrellas

Price: $31.69+

20 piece set

Green, orange, pink, and yellow umbrellas

Price: $14.26+

Comes in packs as small as 3 and as big as 100.

Indian wedding parasols

Price: $48.39

Umbrellas hanging in a tree

Price: $75.49

10 piece set

Green, pink and blue patterned party umbrellas

Price: $31.20+

Comes in packs as small as 3 and as big as 100.

One colorful patterned umbrellas

Price: $34.99+

Comes in packs as small as 5 and as big as 500.

Sheer colorful parasols

Price: $37.78+

Comes in packs as small as big as 25.

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