Create A Whimsical, Romantic Wedding Aesthetic With Block Print Patterns

by Raj Desai | 1/7/22

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Block print pattern lounge wedding setup

Block printing is the earliest, simplest method of textile printing. It began in China some 4,500 years ago and reached new artistic heights in India.


And have I mentioned how beautiful it is?

Block print patterns are having a Renaissance moment, being the pattern of choice for big name wedding decorators like Rani Pink Love, *and* the perfect decoration for 2022’s Cottagecore trend. 


 The timing couldn’t be better, either; Jaipur’s artisans are losing business to technology that’s so advanced, it mimics the handmade imperfections that these patterns are famous for. 


How To Include Block Print Patterns

From simple to creative, there are lots of ways to add block pattern prints to your decorations.


The straightforward ways? A tablecloth for your tablescape or cake table. Hanging drapery as your backdrop. Parasols for your outdoor event. Throw pillows for your lounge furniture setup.

And if you’re feeling more inventive and love the DIY life, you can turn your tablecloth into a seat cushion cover for your mehndi swing, or add tassels, kaleerey, or flowers to the perimeter of a parasol to make a bridal entry umbrella.

Peacock block print umbrella with pink tassels


Blue purple block print pattern umbrella
Yellow mandala umbrella
Blue peacock block print pattern umbrella
Small print yellow flower block print umbrella
green palms red elephants
Green palm pattern

Price: $158.68

Buy the pink umbrella

Pink pastel umbrella
Large yellow floral pattern umbrella
Black block print umbrella
Teal mandala umbrella
Block print pattern umbrella
Pink pattern umbrella

Throw Pillow Covers

Pink floral pattern
Peony block print throw pillow cover
Blue gray pillow cover
Light blue Mughal block print
Yellow flower, pink block print pattern pillow cover
Pink and yellow floral pattern pillow

Price: $72

Buy the pink, gray and blue covers (comes in 2 pack)

Pink, blue and gray pillow cover
Marwari horse print pillow cover
Pack of 5 block print pillows
Colorful blue and pink block print covers
Blue and green lotus flower pattern pillow

Price: $68

Buy the colorful floral covers (pack of 2)

Blue, white and pink block print pillow cover


Price: $29.50+

Buy the pink boho panels

Pink boho block print pattern
Pink paisley pattern drapery
Animal print drapery
Indigo block print drapery
Yellow floral pattern drapery


Blue, pink and red block print tablecloth
Blue and white pattern tablecloth
Orange floral tablecloth
Pink multicolored tablecloth
pink and green and blue tablecloth (1)
Pink round block print tablecloth
Round orange floral tablecloth

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