Deconstructed Wedding Arches Are The Modern Minimalist Mandap We’ve All Been Waiting For

by Raj Desai | 8/26/21

floral asymmetrical deconstructed wedding arch on orange background

You might be asking yourself, what the heck is a deconstructed wedding arch?


Well, imagine that your wedding arch is constructed of small pieces. The deconstructed wedding arch (shoo it’s a mouthful! 😅) lets you put those pieces together in any combination you want.


Asymmetrical. Wild and overgrown. Minimalist and structured.


Most importantly, there are lots of ways to use it at each of your events—because we all know having a unique décor setup is just as important as having the punniest wedding hashtag.


Whether you use it as your floral photobooth, to frame your entry, or even as the backdrop for your wedding ceremony, this trendy choice makes a big statement.


Take a look at some ways to use this fun new décor trend.

Cool Green & Shady

Myrtie Blue

Bracken and Twine Flowers

Stephanie Voth Events

House of Elliott Flowers

Zanda B Floral Design Studio

Chapel Designers

Velvet and Twine

Party Squared

Flowers by Karen Limerick

The Wildflower

Zanda B Floral Design

Flowers by Mee

Petals by the Shore

Florals by Benita

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