DIY Bud Bar For The Couples That Toke Together

by Raj Desai | 9/6/21

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Closeup of DIY Bud Bar Sign

Dear open bars, taco bars, cigar bars, and dessert bars, it’s time to open up the ranks and let a newbie take reign—the bud bar.


A bud bar (or cannabis bar) is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bar. For weed!


They’ve been on the scene for a while, but you may not have heard of them if you, A) don’t live in a weed legal state, or B) don’t spend your days researching weddings like me (I…don’t have a life).


And official bud bar setups, like those designed by Irie Weddings & Events, are classy as f*.


Personalized joints. Flavored vape pens. Bubblers and bowls. All beautifully arranged to complement the theme and décor of your event.


The only thing standing in the way of having a bud bar at your wedding is probably your family. I relate. Even though they need a toke the most (a J. CBD. Something).

But you can still make it happen with a DIY version of your own, reserved for more intimate events without family. Like at your bachelor/bachelorette/bachelorx party (just learned that this is the agender, binary breaking term!).


A DIY bud bar is insanely easy to make. All you need is THC in the form of your choice—flower, vapes, edibles—signage, a pretty tablecloth, and on-theme décor.


If you’re averse to smoking, maybe have an appetizer or dessert bar with foods made from THC-infused butters or oils. Or offer your guests some CBD tinctures or essential oils.

There are so many ways to make weed a part of your wedding. If you need a lil’ inspiration, here’s how I made my version of a DIY bud bar.

DIY Bud Bar outdoor setup

J's And Bud

If I was to *actually* do this in real life, I’d probably opt for edibles and vapes. Mostly because I wouldn’t want to aggravate any friends who aren’t a fan of the smell and smoke.


BUT, for the purposes of a pretty picture and in consideration of COVID-conscious germ sensitivity, I went for j’s instead.

Pink rolled joints in a pretty display


Now, for all your table décor and accoutrements!


I don’t have a little bar cart or tiny, easily movable table laying around. But if you have one, it’s perfect for a setup like this.


If all you’ve got is an ugly bulky folding table or indoor console table, toss a pretty tablecloth over it. You can use the colors and patterns within to inspire the rest of your décor accents.


Layered on top is my bud bar sign, flower arrangements (flowers from Whole Foods, arranged by me), a fake weed plant (gotta love Etsy), a decorative ashtray, incense matchbooks, and tuk tuks for some Desi flair.

Bud Bar full display
Decorative ashtray
Bud Bar display with table decor

Make It Your Own

There are infinite ways to customize a bud bar to meet your taste, aesthetically and weed-wise. If you’re interested in recreating my version of the bud bar, you can see all the products I used listed below.


And if you decide to make a bud bar for any of your events, please share pics!

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Faux Weed Plant

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