DIY Decor for Your Mehndi or Sangeet

Skill Level: Easy

Time Required: A few hours

Cost: Nothing

Alcoholic Drinks Consumed: One (for fun!)

One trend that we are love love LOVING for wedding décor is the lounge furniture setup. I’ve seen these setups at bridal shows in person and in pictures online and BOY do they make a statement! Well, for the sheer amount of Indian events that you have for a wedding combined with relatively new additions like the bridal shower, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create a similar setup without spending beau coup bucks to do it?

With that idea in mind, we decided that we were gonna put ourselves to the test and try to do just that.

Scouting the Location

This was a no-brainer for us, my mom’s backyard is BUILT for entertaining.

Picking the Furniture

My mom may have a ton of random things in her house that are perfect for something like this, but a cute, lightweight velvet furniture set wasn’t one of them. She did however, have a nice little outdoor loveseat (the standard kind) that we decided would work the best for an outdoor event anyways, especially a Mehndi event or anything else involving food and drinks that stain

One big piece of furniture down, several smaller pieces to go.

Luckily, what my mom lacked in cute and hyper-feminine throw pillows and décor, we ourselves happened to have in our own homes. I brought over my little pink chair, some small end tables, throw pillows, and fake flowers. The rest of the décor (white lanterns, wood carved elephants, etc.) were scrounged from different rooms in my mom’s house.

The Final Look

Purple, pink, and white party set up on a back porch with green trees in the background

There are some pieces of flair that we added – like the tulle-tassel curtains and the floral chandelier from our other DIYs – that we took the time to make to add extra oomph to the final product. But even if you incorporated other pieces of décor or fabric, or even added twinkly lights for a nighttime event, the effect would be just as beautiful.

Helpful Tip: When creating a setup like this you only need to worry about a small area instead of stressing about the ENTIRE yard or interior of the house. A well-decorated focal point is going to photograph much better than if you were to spread all of these pretty pieces over a larger space.

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