Dulhan Shopping Guide: Atlanta

by Raj Desai | 9/5/21

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Pink map illustration of Atlanta and the symbols of Atlanta

I lived in Midtown Atlanta for 2 glorious years.


My apartment was a shithole. And I worked at the front desk of a Buckhead hair salon where entitled white women flippantly called me “Roz” instead of “Raj.”


But GOD, was it fun!


Drinks at the Ritz Carlton. Summer days at Lake Lure. Long walks through Piedmont Park.


Okay, so maybe it was 1 drink at the Ritz (that place is expensive). And we never *actually* made it past the lake parking lot because we couldn’t figure out where the free beach was. Walks? More like boozy day drinking strolls.


It wasn’t the most glamorous 2 years, but I still lived my best degenerate life while I was there. Which meant there wasn’t room for beautiful, expensive lehngas in my life. Only Bebe dresses (clearance rack only).


10 years and tons of research later, I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of quality South Asian designers and boutiques that are in Atlanta, including one for you Sabyasachi devotees.


And once I feel safe about flying again (uber pandemic conscious hypochondriac, at your service), I’m excited to take a trip and FINALLY visit these places in person.


Until then, here’s a list just for you!

Anokhi Ada


Designs by Megha Ramani

Image Boutique Shop

Royal Indian Closet

Sushma Patel

The Bollywood Closet USA

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