Dulhan Shopping Guide: North Carolina

by Raj Desai | 3/29/22

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Colorful map illustration of North Carolina and it's landmarks

I have a love-hate relationship with my home state of North Carolina. The things that I hate? The oppressive humidity. So much pollen. A generous population swath of Trump-loving racists.


Like the girl once said to her friend in the store line behind me, “OMG there are confederate flags everywhere. We are NOT in Chicago anymore.”

No, strange scared girl, we are not in Chicago anymore. But NC is on the up and up, and there are a lot of things that I love about it too. Like being a few short hours away from picturesque beaches *and* pristine mountains. Incredible food everywhere, but especially where I live in Raleigh-Durham. And gorgeous travel destinations that are so uniquely North Carolina, like Asheville, the Outer Banks, and Christmas Town (YES this place is real!).


The list keeps growing too, because now I have easy shopping for quality South Asian wear as yet another thing that I love about NC. 


It wasn’t that long ago when hunting for an outfit around here was an enormous pain in the a*. Usually you’d end up connecting with an Aunty twice-removed who tried to get you to buy a pilling, hot glue covered, outrageously priced outfit in her dimly lit basement. And you’d end up buying it! (Just me? Cool cool.)


Oh, but how the times have changed! Now there are *actual* brightly lit boutiques with row upon row of high quality, impeccably stitched, budget-friendly lehengas, saris, and suits. Even the non-brick-and-mortar stores are awesome at creating an easy shopping experience for you, whether it’s through their website, or virtual and in-person appointments.


Gone are the days of spending several hundred dollars to look like a Yule Ball-ready Patil. From Raleigh to Charlotte, you can access stores that make the search for South Asian wear exciting and fun. Here are the best places to shop in NC for your next South Asian outfit.

Jewelry and accessories for brides and wedding guests from online-based Andaaz Modern Jewelry.

Handmade floral jewelry from Charlotte-based Creations By Mashal.

Separates and sets for brides and guests at Banjara in Morrisville, NC

Periwinkle plate with gold foil illustration of henna plant

Easy on the eyes

And your wallet. The Henna Plant plate.

Luxury ready to wear and custom outfits and jewelry from Charlotte’s Designer Vastra.

Custom and off the rack pieces for brides, grooms, and guests from one of the first South Asian boutiques in NC, Ritu Selects.

The newest (and my favorite) boutique to come out of Charlotte, Saj Dhaj Ke

The nicest brick-and-mortar South Asian boutique in the state, Morrisville’s SaRa Elegance.

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