Dulhan Shopping Guide: Shopping Checklist

by Raj Desai | Updated 9/16/21

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There are a crazy amount of things that you need to buy for your South Asian wedding, and it can be hard to keep it all straight.


You’ve got the basics like clothes and jewelry, but then it’s remembering what types of jewelry, how many outfits and for what events, and what about tiny accessories like bindis?


On top of that, you can’t forget cultural or religious items that you’ve got to get for events at home, baraat, and potentially the ceremony itself.


So what makes the list?


A good chunk of it will depend on what your wedding ends up looking like. But the basics? That stays the same for everyone.


Here’s a starter list for you so you don’t forget anything. Just be sure to adjust accordingly depending on the specifics.


Check in with family members, your decorator, officiant, and even vendors like your bridal hair and makeup team (are they bringing fake flowers for your hair or do you need to get that?).


And consider tools specific to South Asians, like the STK Kit that will help you and your bridesmaids keep those tikkas secure.


Or, if you’re wearing a sari, Tia Bhuva’s sari silhouette to replace the traditional petticoat frump. 


Be methodical and think about what each and every event requires. Tack ’em on to this list and enjoy your stress-free wedding shopping!


Image of illustrated Indian bride in pink lehnga next to a shopping checklist


Checklist of shopping items next to illustration of Indian groom dressed in pink

Wedding Party

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