Embellished Leashes And Collars Mean You Can Now Walk Your Pet Down The Aisle

by Raj Desai | 10/29/21

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Picture of puppy in Desi bowtie next to outfit with matching pom pom leash

The *best* wedding ideas Romil (my husband) and I had when we were wedding planning all revolved around our 2 dogs, Penny and Sawyer. 


Let’s display their pictures at cocktail hour! They should dress up too! We’ll bring them to the wedding venue! And on the honeymoon!


Okay, so only a couple of our big ideas came to fruition (pictures + venue). 


And we had no hope that the mother of all pet ideas would materialize—having them at the mandap with us while we got married.


Nope. We had to settle for the next best thing—them chillin’ in the hotel room. 


But *you* don’t have to settle. And that’s thanks to South Asian pet outfitter, Desi Pawz.

How? Your pet’s custom Desi Pawz wedding outfit has a hook in place, harness-style, where you can attach a matching leash.

Or, if your dogs don’t drag you down the street like mine do, you can go with the bowtie collar (which is chicer than all of my accessories combined). 

Either way, prepare to be upstaged when you walk your pet down the aisle (hey, as pet owners, we wouldn’t have it any other way!). 

Where To Buy It

Shop clothes, leashes, and collars from Desi Pawz’s Etsy store. Or you can DM directly to pay ~$15 less. 

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