Fall In Love With 3 Irresistable 2023 Trends For An Exuberant, Spirited Wedding

Raj Desai | 1/3/23

Raj Desai | 1/3/23

Writer and walking encyclopedia for South Asian weddings. Designer of South Asian party goods.

Vision board of 2023 South Asian wedding trends with magenta and peacocks.

I have a love-hate relationship with trends. I hate them because I’m lazy and I can’t keep up with anything that changes like the wind. The only reason I’m *kind* of on trend with the resurgence of 90’s/2000’s styles is because I never stopped wearing them.

I also love trends because, well, what else would I write about?! 


In all seriousness, 30% of wedding trends are exciting, interesting, and worth paying attention to. The rest are total bullshit (you mean to tell me every flower type is trending this year? What a revelation! 🙄) .


So how do you know what trends to invest in and which to ignore? 


Invest in trends that maximize the feeling, enjoyment, and experience for you and your guests. Whether it’s the affordability and convenience of digital invitations, a fun and frivolous wedding theme, or an energetic color palette, if it makes you and your guests feel good, that’s what makes a trend worthy of your consideration.


Ignore anything that tells you what not to do. I hate naysaying advice from people in the industry. Weddings are their job, of course they’ll find certain things passé or boring over time. Your wedding, however, happens once. If you love a trend, then go for it! 


Where does that leave us in 2023? With the crème de la crème of invigorating, carefree, and zestful trends that you’re going to love. Let’s take a look!

Color Of The Year

In case you haven’t heard from every corner of the internet already, Pantone’s official color of the year prediction is Viva Magenta. Which, THANK YOU, since us South Asians have had eons of practice doing magenta well. 


A color that “vibrates with vim and vigor,” Viva Magenta is both captivating and calming, majestic and playful, regal and romantic. Depending on the color palette you flesh out around it, it can be a jewel-toned standout or a seamlessly blended accent color.

Vision board with magenta colored mandap, peacock florals, jewelry, bridal and groomswear


Here’s a trend that you’re going to see in fashion and beauty, interior design, and weddings: A return to nature. Biophilic design is all about celebrating natural elements. For weddings that could mean minimal bridal makeup, outfits inspired by themes in nature or made from natural materials, or choosing a natural and warm décor aesthetic.

Warm and neutral biophilic South Asian wedding vision board

Frivolous, Fun Themes

If your wedding goal is to make sure everyone has a good time, this year’s trending themes are going to guarantee it. A carnival-themed reception. An Art Deco garden party for your mehndi. A peacock-inspired soiree for your sangeet. 


Lean into the imagery, energy, and activities that each of these themes inspire. Maybe it’s as simple as on-theme signage for food and drinks. Or throwing up a mix of hanging flowers and garlands for a quirky vibe. Or having a champagne tower out for your boozy, Great Gatsby-inspired fête. Have fun with it!

Art Deco vision board for South Asian wedding

With a little creativity and the right inspiration to guide you, anything is possible with 2023’s wedding trends. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


Raj Desai

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