How do you choose the vendors on your site?

We hand-select and vet vendors whose products and services excite us. Here at Dulhan you’ll always find quality over quantity.



If you cater to US-based couples, why do you feature vendors based in Canada, India, and other places outside of the US?

The best kept secret about South Asian (SA) wedding planning is that most vendors will travel for weddings (Photographers and Hair and Makeup artists), or ship their products nationally or internationally (Jewelry and Apparel vendors). Whether you’re trying to find and book all your vendors from your couch or getting a head start on planning which stores to hit up during your shopping trip, we’re bringing the world to your fingertips to make the process easier.



Beautiful South Asian bride in pink formalwear posing in the sunlight with her groomI don’t see a lot of vendors in my state, when will you fix this?

Trust us when we say there are a LOT of incredible vendors catering to SA weddings. To ensure that we’re getting the best of the best for you we are adding to our vendor collective state-by-state, starting on the East Coast in our home state of North Carolina.



I’m having a destination wedding. How do I find vendors appropriate for me?

Many destination wedding hotels, particularly in Mexico and other parts of the Caribbean, are staffed with in-house South Asian wedding specialists ranging from mehndi artists to decorators. If you’ve checked with the hotel staff and you still need to outsource for some of your needs, simply select the ‘Travel’ search option within a category. This will populate vendors who are willing and able to travel for weddings.



I see ‘South Asian Newbie’ on some pages. What does that mean?

We understand that for your wedding, you may want to work with a vendor who has covered SA weddings in the past. For select categories including Photographer & Videographer, Decorators & Planners, and Hair & Makeup, you may see a ‘South Asian Newbie’ badge on any given business profile. This indicates that the vendor in question has never covered a South Asian wedding.

While this shouldn’t dissuade you from working with any of the amazing vendors featured on our site, it is there to help you through your vetting and planning process. For example, if a photographer has never covered a South Asian wedding but you still want to work with them, make sure they understand things like what important moments should be photographed during your wedding ceremony.


I still can’t find what I’m looking for, can you help?

Absolutely! The buck doesn’t stop with what you see on the site. If you are looking for something specific and we don’t yet have it listed, send us an email and we will locate options for you. If your question is not vendor- or site-specific, send it along anyways! We would love to help in any way that we can.


Do I have to be based in the US to be featured on Dulhan?

You do NOT have to be a US-based business to be featured on our site. Our goal is to help couples in any way that we can, and that includes introducing them to vendors that can travel for weddings or ship their products nationally or internationally.

For those of you vendors located in popular shopping trip destinations like Canada and India, by listing on Dulhan you allow couples and families to discover you in advance. This gives them the opportunity to create list of concrete places to visit during their shopping trips before they travel, saving them time and increasing the chance that they will provide you with their business.

How do I get featured on the site?

If you are a business that caters to or is trying to tap into the South Asian wedding market, feel free to email us at [email protected] and inquire about being featured on the site. Although we track down a lot of the vendors that you see, we invite and welcome you to reach out to us if you think your business is a good fit. We approve vendors on a case-by-case basis.


I don’t have a website or strong social media presence. Can I still be featured on the site?

Yes! Think of your page on our site as a dedicated portfolio for you to showcase pictures, video, your personality through your page bio, and answers to important questions couples may ask. We realize that many businesses choose to operate through one social media platform (Facebook or Instagram). By listing on our site, you are helping people who are inactive on those forums to easily find you and give you their business.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to have your business featured in our directory. Membership is free

I am on the site but I don’t have a contact form on my page. How do I get one?

All you have to do to get a contact form on your page is claim your listing. Once you submit your claim, our team will review the submission to make sure that it is legitimate. After it is approved, your contact form will then appear on the side bar of your page and you will be able to receive customer inquiries directly in your inbox.

Bonus for claiming your page: you can edit and update your page information at any time via your user dashboard. However, the Dulhan team is more than happy to do this for you!

Will you add other cool features to the site?

Definitely! At the moment we are focused on ensuring that the functionality of our site is at its best, but we have some big plans in the works for vendor pages. We also welcome any ideas or suggestions from you on things you would like to see from our site. Send your suggestions in an email to [email protected]

How do I partner with Dulhan?

Interested in having your product or service featured in one of our videos? Curious about how to get interviewed for one of our vendor-based articles? Have a unique idea on how you want to collaborate with us? We are all ears! Send us an email with your inquiry to [email protected]





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