Fashionable Fits To Wear To South Asian Weddings This Year

Raj Desai | 1/9/23

Raj Desai | 1/9/23

Writer and walking encyclopedia for South Asian weddings. Designer of South Asian party goods.

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It’s been nearly 2 long years since ya girl has gone to an Indian wedding. 2023 is finally ending that streak! Oh, and it’s not just any wedding, either. It’s a family member’s destination wedding. Triple. Whammy.

That means that I’m *particularly* invested in anything and everything to make my experience smooth, seameless, and (most importantly) as cost-friendly as possible, considering that the wedding travel alone for my small family of 3 is costing us $3,000. 👀


At the top of my guest experience list is finding outfits (or in my case just one outfit cause, ya know, $3,000) that I’m going to love wearing now, and will get lots of use from in the future. Something that’s designed beautifully, made well, and makes me feel and look my best. 


Outfits like that are surprisingly easy to find when all you do is look at Indian clothes all day. I started keeping tabs on these designers with myself in mind, but I don’t gatekeep, so I’m *also* going to share this list with you. Here are my favorite designers for 2023 wedding guest wear.

Drishti & Zahabia

Pink jumpsuit from designer Drishti & Zahabia

Price: $215

Golden sari by designer Drishti & Zahabia

Price: $321

Dusty blue lehenga by designer Drishti & Zahabia

Price: $396

Pink Pantsuit by designer Drishti & Zahabia

Price: $216

Mustard yellow sharara by desigher Drishti & Zahabia

Price: $314

Saakshi & Kinni

2023 Guest Wear

Price: $525

Red one shouldered dress by designer Saakshi & Kinni

Price: $239

Blue one shouldered 2 piece by designer Saakshi & Kinni

Price: $322

Multicolored fitted dress by designer Saakshi & Kinni

Price: $260

Deep blue maxi dress by designer Saakshi & Kinni

Price: $228

Esha Koul

White lehenga Esha Koul

Price: $278

Pink and white sari Esha Koul

Price: $413

Purple jumpsuit Esha Koul

Price: $187

Rust orange sari Esha Koul

Price: $334

Off the shoulder green sari Esha Koul

Price: $502

Maayera Jaipur

Pink and white sharara Maayera Jaipur

Price: $314

Pink fitted sharara Maayera Jaipur

Price: $298

2023 Guest Wear

Price: $298

Green sharara Maayera Jaipur

Price: $303

Blue Sharara Maayera Jaipur

Price: $298

Limerick by Abirr N' Nanki

Blue pant suit set

Price: $134

Floral maxi dress

Price: $351

Pink sari

Price: $168

2023 Guest Wear

Price: $491

Green sari

Price: $174

Siddhartha Bansal

Digital printed lehenga pink and purple

Price: $371

Mauve sari

Price: $519

Pink digital printed lehenga

Price: $495

Yellow digital printed lehenga

Price: $495

Multicolored flowing maxi dress

Price: $202

Payal Zinal

Pink and blue lehenga

Price: $580

Purple embroidered sharara

Price: $244

Blue multicolored ruffled sari

Price: $436

Pink Ruffled Sari

Price: $303

Light blue and pink sari

Price: $254


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