Feel The Magic Of The Holidays With These Snowy Weddings

Raj Desai | 11/14/22

Raj Desai | 11/14/22

Writer and walking encyclopedia for South Asian weddings. Designer of South Asian party goods.

South Asian bride in beige lehenga with her groom in the snow

There’s no question about it—the holidays are the most magical time of the year. The food. The drinks. Lights. Parties. Music! Oh, did I mention the food?!


That’s right, folks. I am an unabashed, loud and proud, bona fide holiday season/Christmas nut. (And yes, my tree is already up and fully decorated 🎄).

You want to know what else is magical during this time of year? Weddings.


Venues are cheaper and come beautifully decorated with lights. Cooler weather makes for better wardrobe choices (hello, velvet lehenga 😍). 


Best of all are the photos! Every South Asian wedding is gorgeous. But a South Asian against a snowy backdrop? Spectacular. In case you need help visualizing just how incredible a snowy South Asian wedding can be, here are some of my favorite photos to inspire you. 

How’s this for a bridal portrait? Enamored with how beautiful a traditional red lehenga looks in the snow. 

A wintry park is the perfect place for this couple’s wedding day photos.

Every color looks good in a snow-covered landscape, like this couple’s contrasting wardrobe of beige and teal.

A romantic photo made even more beautiful by snow-capped mountains.

Here’s another couple that looks stunning in traditional South Asian wedding colors.

Do these wintry wedding photos have you wishing for a snowy South Asian wedding? Share what you love about them in the comments. 


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