Find The Perfect Bangle Set From These 9 Stores

by Raj Desai

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Multicolored white, gold, and teal bangle set

I remember the exact moment when I realized how subpar my bangle collection was, and it was when I found the Banglez IG page.

Talk about feeling inadequate! Up until that point, the only bangles I owned were ones that my mom bought me since I thought cute ones didn’t exist. And if they did, I didn’t know where to find them.


But what I saw on IG was something else entirely. Delectable color combinations. Modern touches of rose gold. Pretty monochromatic sets.


All a far cry from the rust orange and putrid green ones that are currently gathering dust at my mom’s house.


I *wish* I knew about all these designers when I was planning my wedding! But at least I know about them now, and you best believe I’ll be accessorizing my formal wear with a set from one of these gems.


Before you get lost in a sea of gorgeous baubles, reference this guide to make sure you know your bangle size. And with that, I send you on your way! 


Free Rani

Andaaz Modern Jewelry

RJS & Co.


Neetu Brand

The Kundan Shop

Harani Jewels

Dipi Designs

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