Get Mehndi Ready Décor With These Vibrant Faux Flowers

by Raj Desai | 1/6/22

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan may be compensated for some of the following recommendations.

Vibrant orange flowers over teal paisley background

Silk faux and the occasional dried* flowers are the eco-friendly, affordable, vibrant addition to your mehndi that you never knew you needed—until now. 


I mean just LOOK at this!

The vase, fuchsia fillers, and the bunch of blue bunny’s tail was my random creation. And I think it came out pretty good, if I do say so myself.


Definitely good enough to place next to your mehndi chair. Or on your IG-worthy tablescape. Or even as a photobomber in a close up pic of your intricately painted mehndi design. 


You don’t even need any flower arranging knowledge. Experiment! I did, and it turned out beautifully.


You can choose different types of flower within the same color family for a full and dynamic bouquet. Or buy a lot of a single type of flower to create a lush arrangement.


The best part is that you get to enjoy your faux blooms well after your wedding is over (I see mine in my office every day 🥰). 


Take a look at these vibrant choices that will add a little texture and a lot of beauty to your mehndi event. 


*Important consideration: My dried flowers smelled when I got them (assuming it came from the preservative), so I aired them outside for a few days before using them indoors. 


Blue pampas grass
Vibrant Mehndi plants
Blue dried ruscus leaves
coastal blue floral buttons


Yellow dancing orchids

Price: $9.75

Buy the fern bundle

Yellow fern bundle
Preserved spiral fern leaf bundle
Chinese lantern flowers


Orange ranunculas

Price: $14

Buy the poppy bush

Poppy flower bush

Price: $9.75

Buy the hydrangea

Fall orange hydrangea
Rose in burnt orange
bunny tail bunch
Billy Button Craspedia flowers
Preserved orange baby's breath

Price: $9.75

Buy the fern bundle

Orange preserved ming fern

Price: $9.75

Buy the ferns

Preserved ferns


Price: $5.25

Buy the wild oats

Dried wild oats

Price: $9.55

Buy the peony stem

Silk peony
bougainvillea garland


Lavender cornflower

Price: $18

Buy the hyacinth

Lavender dried pampas grass

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