Hanging Tassels Are An Affordable, Enchanting Addition To Your Décor

Raj Desai | 11/2/22

Raj Desai | 11/2/22

Writer, designer, and walking encyclopedia for South Asian weddings.

Side by side of hanging tassels at Indian weddings

Who knew that something so inexpensive like tassels could make such a dramatic impact on your party décor?

Hanging tassels first started popping up in mehndi and sangeet setups in India over the past couple of years. And just like my other favorite ubiquitous South Asian party décor – colorful umbrellas and parasols – they’re rapidly becoming a bridal favorite thanks to the wow-factor they deliver at affordable prices.

Marigolds and tassels strung over seating sign


Yeah, I’m obsessed too. 😍 Another thing hanging tassels have in common with umbrellas? You can use them for future celebrations like Diwali. Are you ready to hop on board the tassel trend? Here are some breathtaking mehndi and sangeet setups to inspire you. 

How beautiful do these teal and green tassels look in front of a boxwood backdrop?

Tassels are a great way to complement other vibrant décor at your event, like this ornate, patterned dance floor.

Here’s proof that you don’t need a lot of tassels to create show stopping décor.

Add some texture to your monochromatic pink party with tassels in alternating colors.

Hang long, mixed color tassels together over your dance floor for a chandelier effect.

Having an outdoor wedding event? Throw some tassels in the trees and call it a day.

This is the only argument you need for using as many tassels as possible.

Another gorgeous display of tassels in a popular color combination of pink, orange, and yellow.

How are you going to use hanging tassels at your wedding events? Share inspiration for other brides-to-be in the comments below!


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