Having A Sikh Ceremony? You’ll Love These Wedding Programs

by Raj Desai | 2/23/22

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan may be compensated for some of the following recommendations.

Flatlay of modern and chic Sikh wedding program

Wedding programs are great because A), your non-South Asian guests will understand what’s going on; and B), your South Asian guests will *also* know what’s going on. You’d think we’d all know by now that when baraat ends, it’s time for the ceremony. Keep it moving, people!

Programs are also important because their concise explanations for traditions help your guests fully share in the love and meaning of your wedding. 


And did I mention how beautifully designed the latest programs are?! From the whimsically illustrated to chic modern graphics, digital files to editable PDFs that you can print from home, you’re living in the golden age of Sikh wedding programs. 


Ready to take the plunge? Welcome your guests to your Sikh ceremony in style and take your pick from this list of wedding programs.

Chic Sikh wedding program flat lay

Price: $35.47

Floral mandap illustrated Sikh wedding program

Price: $41.07

Anand Karaj wedding program with illustrated bride and groom

Price: $15.40

Blue and pink floral Sikh wedding program

Price: $36.97

Pink wedding program with green flower illustration

Price: $41.07

Sikh wedding program with illustration of bride and groom in red

Price: $25

Blush pink Sikh wedding program with illustrations

Price: $28.75

Illustrated Sikh wedding program of bride and groom and red flowers

Price: $25

Flatlay of minimalist Sikh wedding program with coffee colored ribbon

Price: $36.97+

Sikh wedding program in white with red florals as border

Price: $36.97+

Sikh wedding program with greenery border

Price: $41.07

Sikh wedding program sign on easel

Price: $49.29

Olive green bordered Sikh wedding program with no illustrations

Price: $41.07

Anand Karaj booklet program with illustration on the front

Price: $30

Bohemian neutral colored Sikh wedding program

Price: $36.97+

Green watercolor Sikh wedding program

Price: $32.86

White, red and gold Sikh wedding program

Price: $27

Cream colored Sikh wedding program with illustration of couple and elephants

Price: $30

digital Sikh wedding program

Price: $12

Infographic style Sikh wedding program

Price: $30+

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