Hindu Wedding Programs To Make Your Wedding Less Confusing

by Raj Desai | 3/29/22

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Pink and white Hindu wedding program over cute pink background with leaf pattern

The one strange thing about my wedding is that everyone paid attention. Our guests were alert, eagle eyed, and sitting on the edge of their seats. The reason why? They had no clue what was going on.

45% of our guests were seeing a Sikh ceremony for the first time. The other 45% were seeing a Hindu wedding for the first time. And for the last 10%, it was all new. 


And speaking on behalf of the couple getting married, we had no idea what was happening either. I’m Sikh, so I understood the Sikh ceremony. But the Hindu ceremony had us both like:

A wedding program would have come in handy. Guests would have known what they were watching. And we would have too, because not knowing when your very long wedding is going to end is TORTURE. Instead, we were just as clueless as a good portion of our guests, sitting in our fancy chairs in front of nearly 300 people looking like high fashion, confused zombies.


But that was eons ago (okay, not eons, I’m not that old). Now we’re living in the future, and the future is full of downloadable, ready-to-print (and digital) programs that succinctly and beautifully illustrate the different parts of a Hindu wedding. 


Help your guests enjoy your wedding (and understand how many parts of the ceremony they have to get through before lunch) with one of these Hindu wedding programs.

This program with a front cover that gives me Bridgerton vibes.

Hydrangea illustration on cover of Hindu wedding program

Price: $21

This rounded top program that comes in one of 2022’s trending colors for this year, sage green

Rounded top wedding program in sage green

Price: $1.50+

A wedding program that doubles as a fan to keep your guests informed and cool.

Fan wedding program for Hindu wedding

Price: $3.25+

This botanical bordered program that’s perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Close up photo of long Hindu wedding program with floral border

Price: $1+

GIF of henna patterned hand shaped party plate with macarons on top

Need a hand with your party décor?

Get it with our hand-shaped party plate.

A minimalist program with eucalyptus illustrations if you’re going for a bohemian aesthetic.

Eucalyptus bordered Hindu wedding program

Price: $17.50

A classically red program with tons of cute illustrations that complement the descriptions.

Illustrated red and white Hindu wedding program

Price: $25.60

Your favorite classically red program that has an added illustration of you and your betrothed.

Illustrated Hindu wedding program with bride and groom on the cover

Price: $28

A program with a gold border for the maximalists.

Gold border Hindu wedding program

Price: $21

A blush program so beautiful that it nearly takes your breath away.

Blush pink wedding program

Price: $41.76

This bronze foil program that folds open and shut.

Bronze foil wedding program that folds open and shut

Price: $3.50+

A cute illustrated program to add a pop of pink to your guests’ seats.

Hindu wedding program with couple wearing pink on the front

Price: $1.50+

An elegant watercolor floral program that’s just as beautiful to look at as it is helpful.

Watercolor floral wedding program in shades of pink

Price: $25.97

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