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How To Put Together Your Wedding Vision Board

If you’re reading this then that means that you’ve just gotten engaged (CONGRATS!) and are ready to dive deep into wedding planning. But before you start with all of the hard stuff like budget talks and guest list haggling with your parents, it’s good to have some fun and put together a little vision board. A vision board will be super helpful because (A) it’ll give your decorator an aesthetic to work off of for your events, (B) can help your less-visual parents and future in-laws get on the same page, and (C) it can be used as an interview tool for other wedding vendors like your planner, photographer, and videographer.

The Board

There are tons of ways you can create your vision board. You can do it old school on a piece of poster board or go the digital route and add pictures to a blank Microsoft Word or Canva document. We’ve also created an editable PDF that you can add pictures to using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, just click the empty squares and upload the color palette and pictures that you like. Download our editable Vision Board.

How To Begin

An easy way to start on your vision board is to come up with a color palette for your events. Canva has a couple of great ways for you to figure this out. You can choose from a huge selection of pre-designed palettes, or you can upload a photo to their color palette generator. The best photos for coming up with color palettes are nature photos, and you can find tons of free high-quality images from sites like Pexels or Unsplash.

The Other Pictures

Don’t limit yourself to wedding photos for your vision board inspiration. Interior décor, food, cocktails, landscapes, event décor, art, typography, patterns – all of these images can help creative people like the vendors you’ll be working with spark ideas and better understand your taste. Unsplash has a great page, ‘Collections,’ that can help you find grouped images quickly. You can also turn to the hashtags of IG (#IndianWeddingDecor, #MandapDecor) to find pictures that you love.

Are There Things That You Don’t Want Or Like?

It’s just as important to make a note of the things that you don’t like as much as the things that you do like. Keep a list of your non-negotiables handy for your vendors.

Use It

Now that you’ve got your vision board put together, take it with you to venue tours and vendor interviews. Let’s say that you’ve got a ton of photos of lush green trees and gardens. That probably means you won’t be happy with a huge plain hotel ballroom – which, by the way, you’ll have to spend a TON of money on to decorate. Maybe you’ve also got some pictures of event décor and mandap designs that are tasteful and modern. You’ll want to use those photos to ask the decorators you’re interviewing if they can do the same thing within your budget. What about portraits of married couples and wedding parties? Or pictures of pets dressed up and posing with the happy couple? Show those to your photographer so they know exactly what you want.


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