How To Store Your Lehengas And Saris

by Raj Desai | 2/28/22

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Pink Sari storage boxes stacked on top of each other

There’s a pivotal moment in the life of every South Asian that, in the eyes of our parents, officially marks our transition into adulthood. It’s not when you turn 18. Not when you become financially independent. DEFINITELY not when you get married or have kids. 


No. The moment that *truly* marks your passage into adulthood is when your parents give you everything you’ve ever left in their house.


Diplomas. Old sweaters. Childhood books. When you get these crinkled, aged, musty possessions back, your parents are officially acknowledging that you are, at long last, an adult.

Along with all of your childhood possessions getting dumped at your doorstep comes your South Asian wardrobe. Western parents reclaim old bedrooms to make home gyms. South Asian parents reclaim closets to hoard a year’s supply of dal and atta (flour).  


Now you’re left to face a new dilemma: how are you going to store your lehengas, saris and suits?! Do it with garment bags, boxes, and sari sleeves.


These are perfect for your fancy clothes because A) they protect your nicer formal wear from discoloration and damage, and B) they help compress bulky clothes and preserve closet space for everything else you’ve thrown in there (*clears throat* shoes). 


Enjoy your official foray into adulthood with this roundup of storage options for your South Asian wardrobe.

A breathable mesh bag to transport and store your bridal outfit.

White mesh breathable storage box

Price: $37.78+

A polka dotted box that’s as cute as it is useful. 

Polka dot storage box

Price: $34.98+

A striped pattern so pretty you won’t want to hide it on a closet shelf. 

Striped beige and white storage box

Price: $26.58+

A pink hanging garment bag to match your pink lehenga.

Candy pink garment bags

Price: $13.99

A 6 pack of gold sari sleeves for your saris, kurtis, and dupattas. 

Gold sari sleeves

Price: $12

See-through bags so you can quickly find the outfit you’re looking for. Comes in a pack of 5, 10, and 15. 

See through sari garment bags

Price: $19+

A vibrant storage bag you can use for a bulky lehenga or multiple saris.

Red, orange and yellow lehenga storage bag

Price: $20.39

Eco-friendly cotton storage bags that come in a pack of 2, 4, and 6.

Cream colored zipper sari storage bags

Price: $25+

Hanging garment bags that are perfect for sherwanis.

Hanging garment bags for jackets and sherwanis

Price: $25+

Buttoned cotton sleeves for lightweight outfits and dupattas. 

Cotton sari sleeves

Price: $19+

A 3-pack of gold sari bags that are as pretty as the clothes you’ll store inside. 

Gold sari bag

Price: $46.80+

Large garment boxes with windows to help you see everything you put inside, not just what’s on top.

Window large sari boxes

Price: $29.70+

An ikat patterned garment bag that comes with 10 sari sleeves.

Blue Ikat storage bag

Price: $25.33

A bandhani patterned garment box that comes in a variety of vibrant colors. 

Bandhani patterned lehenga garment box

Price: $19.99+

A 3-pack of purple garment boxes big enough to house your wedding wear. 

Eggplant purple lehenga storage bags

Price: $34.20+

A 6-pack of windowed garment boxes that are big enough to store an entire wedding season’s worth of clothes. 

Multicolored sari storage boxes

Price: $34.99

A 3-pack that can store up to 12 saris in one box. 

3 pack of pink storage boxes stacked on top of each other

Price: $32.40

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