How To Use Wallpaper In Your Wedding

by Raj Desai | 3/19/22

Picture of box covered in pastel colored peacock wallpaper

Incorporating wallpaper into wedding décor is pure genius. Especially if it’s peel and stick. Have you seen the collection by Opalhouse? Or Rifle Paper Co.? Stunning!

Aside from it’s beauty (and affordability), here’s why I love the idea of removable wallpaper in your event décor: a little can go a really long way. 


Seriously! It’s kind of like Frank’s hot sauce, you can put that s* on anything. Need ideas on what? Check out this list and get ready to wallpaper away!

Flatlay photo of macarons on henna hand plates

Celebrate In Style

The most perfect addition to your mehndi décor. 

Statement Wall

The most obvious way to use removable wallpaper is it’s intended purpose—to decorate a wall.


It’ll instantly transform your wedding space from bland to flavorful. Use it as a backdrop for your dessert or card table, ceremony, or reception; or as a photo wall for your guests.

Handheld Fans

Getting married outside? You’ll definitely want to give your guests a break from the sun and heat with handheld fans. Peel and stick wallpaper is perfect for this one, just attach it to the front and back and you’re done! Nail the same wow factor effect of more expensive, painted fans for a fraction of the price.

Signage And Stationery

You’ve heard of acrylic, painted, and printed signs, but have you ever heard of wallpaper signs? Go as small as a framed signature drink sign or stationery, or make a statement piece with a welcome sign on an easel.


Trays are the unspoken hero of South Asian weddings. Give them a special oomph and dress them up with a sheet of on-theme, colorful wallpaper.

Card Boxes

I know you can get really pretty card boxes online these days, but when I was getting married (cue old woman nostalgic monologue) we had to settle for this huge, bulky, boring box from Michael’s. Peel and stick wallpaper would’ve been an easy DIY project to liven it up.

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