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by Raj Desai | Updated 1/22/22

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan may be compensated for some of the following recommendations.

Illustration of dog wearing yellow brocade sherwani

As a mom of 2 fur babies, one of the things I was the MOST excited about was dressing them in custom Indian outfits on my wedding day. And I am so bummed that it didn’t happen!


I had the idea in my head but had no clue on where to get started or who could make it for me. So the extra material I purchased went to waste and my dreams of dolling up my babies never came to fruition *tear.*


It may not have worked out for me, but a curiosity-fueled trip down the Instagram rabbit hole resulted in some very promising options for you. Here’s a look at 8 of them.

Puprika Boutique

Puprika Boutique might be the newest pet formal wear designer in Australia, but they’re just as accessible for us in the US. 


And South Indian brides, you’re especially going to love Puprika—they’re the first to make a dog version of the pattu pavadai (AKA Pattu Pawvadai).


Choose from an existing selection of anarkalis, sherwanis, and bow ties, or work with founder Meygha to design custom clothes for your wedding day. 


Learn more about Puprika, future designs, and the order process from my Q&A with Meygha

That Dog In Tuxedo

That Dog in Tuxedo (TGIT) has the cutest wedding outfits for your dog, including lehengas, sherwanis, and bow ties. 


Yes, you do need to provide some measurements to make sure your pooch is comfy and looking his/her best. Specifically you need to submit neck size, tummy size, and body length in inches, your dog’s breed, and a photo.


Prices are listed in rupees so have another tab open in your browser to convert prices to USD. 

Sherwani Harness
That Dog In Tuxedo | Sherwani harness, $23.32

Shipping to the US
Shipping to the US generally takes 10-12 days (pre-pandemic). Delivery charges depend on the weight of your order. They use DHL and FedEx for shipping.


Even though the prices on the site are shown in rupees, the payment process is easy for US-based customers. TGIT accepts payment from all major credit cards and PayPal.


Customize Outfits
Want your furry one to match with your wedding outfit? Send TGIT any material you have and they’ll make it happen. They also offer a ton of color options to help you and your pup #twin.

Kitty and the Woof Gang

Kitty and the Woof Gang doesn’t have nearly as extensive a selection as That Dog in Tuxedo, but there are still some seriously cute Indian outfits you can get for your dog AND cat.


Sizes are pre-determined (meaning no custom measurements required on your part). Take a look at their sizing chart here.

Dog dressed in pink brocade and gold dress
Kitty and the Woof Gang | Pink and gold dress, $26-50

Shipping to the US
Once they process your payment, the order is made and shipped ASAP. Shipping takes a few days.


Nominal conversion charges apply for international payments. Also, take into account that they’ll add shipping charges based on the weight of the items you order.


Customize Outfits
If you have a particular vision in mind for your dog or cat’s Indian outfit, Kitty and the Woof Gang is all ears. They can also create outfits for any other type of animal you may want to dress up for your big day.


Petriot is your 3rd India-based option where you can choose from colorful lehengas like the Maharani ($41), or timeless choices like the stately Blue Velvet Sherwani ($40.47). 


They’ve even got accessories to boot, so you can complete your dog’s look with a matching hair clip or sparkly bow tie


Rest assured that your pup’s outfit will fit them perfectly; Petriot guides you through the measurements you’ll need to take via video call. 

Dog wearing red, green and gold lehnga
Petriot | Maharani lehnga, $41

Shipping to the US
Once they process your payment, the order is made and shipped ASAP. Shipping takes 10-15 days.


You’ll be able to pay in USD using PayPal. 


Customize Outfits
If you’re interested in customizing with Petriot, all you have to do is message over the specifics of what you want (like color and style). 

Desi Pawz

Every time I update this post (the first version only had 2 options! 🤯), I do a quick search to see if any new businesses have popped up. And that’s when I found Desi Pawz.


This little yellow sherwani is the priciest yet on this list (ranges from $100-$130 depending on the size). Judging from the way it’s cut and styled to fit your dog, it might be worth the splurge. 


They also have dinner jackets, sherwanis in pink and patchwork patterns, and even bowties with pom poms around the collar

French bulldog in yellow and blue sherwani
Desi Pawz | Yellow sherwani, $115-130

Shipping to the US

One of the things I love about Etsy is that I trust it, and that’s especially important when it comes to shipping. You can expect about a month’s turnaround time between placing and receiving your order. 



If you purchase through Etsy, prices are slightly higher and start at $115.


To get your dog lehnga for a lower rate starting at $100, DM @desi.pawz directly and pay through PayPal, Venmo, or bank transfer. 


Customize Outfits

Yes you can! Message Desi Pawz owner Chandni to ask about personalizing or customizing your dog’s outfit. 

Modish Pooch

THANK YOU to the founders of Modish Pooch, sisters Nirali and Aneri, for being the first of many that are giving us what we want: Indian outfits for dogs that we can buy stateside.


DM them on IG to place your order. 

Blue sherwani with pink and gold embroidery
Instagram | @modishpooch

Pawfectly Desi

Meet Pawfectly Desi, a New York-based pet boutique that makes shopping for your fur baby SUPER easy.


No custom PayPal links. No confusing shipping information. Just a simple online shopping experience to get the finest wedding wear for your fur baby. Win!

Gold, rose, and green floral design

One Ruff Pawty

Another newbie to the scene is Washington D.C.-based One Ruff Pawty.


This recent find is also on Etsy. Meaning you’ve got another option on a trusted platform that’ll give you a seamless shopping experience. 


I’m particularly fond of the frosted pink embroidered wedding vest for $55 (how cute is the lab modeling the outfit!) and the $40 brightly patterned vest that’s perfect for your mehndi party. 

Indian couple posing with their dog all wearing matching pink outfits

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