Is The Sari Silhouette Worth It? An Honest Review

by Raj Desai | 10/21/21

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Tia Bhuva sari silhouette pants over sari pattern

We can’t talk about the Sari Silhouette without talking about the brains behind it—the inimitable Tia Bhuva.


I first discovered Tia Bhuva in her pre-Sari Silhouette days, when she exploded on the scene with her Disney-inspired South Asian outfits. As a diehard Disney enthusiast (of the Imagineering variety), I. Was. Hooked. 

Fast forward to a few years later, and she is *still* putting the rest of us to shame with her sari draping ninja skills


My draping skills, on the other hand, have dwindled with time, only to be saved by the pleatmaking Sari Saheli


Side note: I totally envision Tia as a sari-wielding superhero. I mean, she creates pure magic and all, but could you imagine how dangerous she’d be with 6 yards of fabric and a Taken-type storyline?! I’d binge that movie in a *heartbeat.* 🍿


Anyways, her incredible story continues with her buzzworthy product, the Sari Silhouette, which I’ve been wanting to try every since she launched it a few years ago. 

So a couple of months ago, I ordered a pair for myself so I could finally see if it was worth the hype. 

The Big Q's

For me to feel happy with this purchase (enough to recommend it to you), I needed to answer these 4 questions:


Will I be happier with how my body looks in a sari vs. traditional frumpy petticoats?


Is it comfortable?


Am I getting my money’s worth?


And, most importantly, will I be able to pee in this thing?! (…I got the pants, not the skirt).

The Verdict

Am I Happier With How My Body Looks?

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but my a* looks GOOD in the Sari Silhouette, so beep beep!


If your pain point is hating how traditional petticoats botch how the sari falls against your body, you will 100% be happy with the way you look wearing the Silhouette pants. 


I’m a tall drink of water, so the big problem that I had was with the length of my sari (short) matching the length of the Silhouette pants (long).


Basically, there wasn’t enough fabric to tuck into the pants, so I wouldn’t be able to wear a big chunk of my sari collection with the Silhouette pants. 

Is It Comfortable?

Yes! You’re basically wearing a pair of lycra (is it lycra?) leggings, so they are very comfortable.

Will I Be Able To Pee In This Thing?

Uhhh, that’s a negative.


I’m not a raging lush like I used to be in my heyday, but I still like to drink a good amount at weddings. If I break the seal, I’m in trouble!


I’m sure there’s an easy, Tia Bhuva-magical way of preserving your sari in the Silhouette pants while you pee, but until that tutorial comes out, I’m SOL. 

Am I Getting My Money's Worth?

With the Silhouette pants? No. 


With the 38″ skirt? Probably.


For a sari staple that you can wear over and over again, the price is reasonable at $53 USD ($66 CAD).


I need a shorter Silhouette for my shorter saris, and a skirt vs. pants to solve my pee-problem. 

Where You Can Get It

Tia Bhuva has an amazing user-friendly website with the Silhouettes, cancan skirts, and her sari line. 


Go here to get the skirts, and here to get the pants. Just like the Sari Saheli, you’ll get it quickly (within 10 days of placing your order). 

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