by Raj Desai | 8/30/21

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Iridescent STK Kit product photo

It was a night like any other. Pizza for dinner. Coaxing my toddler to eat the pizza. Wrestling my 2 dogs to stop eating the pizza. All capped off by my nightly obligatory Instagram scroll.


And BAM. That’s when I found it, shining in all its iridescent glory—the STK Kit.

I love the idea behind this kit. Because beyond your random hack that involves repurposing other beauty products, I don’t know of anything specifically designed (or marketed) for keeping tikkas in place.


I’m also just a sucker for good packaging. Which is why I can’t go to Target unsupervised.


Eager to test it out, I ordered some kits for myself. Annnd I ordered a jewelry set (on sale!) from The Kundan Shop to test it out on. 😇😈

Grey tikka from The Kundan Shop

What's In The Kit

Each kit comes with a comb, adhesive, a stick to loop around the tikka hook, and an instruction card.

STK Kit contents

How I Used It

Step 1: Comb

I parted my hair with the comb and figured out where I wanted to place my tikka. After I studied which part of the tikka would be resting on my forehead, I applied the adhesive to the back of it.


Here’s where I ran into a couple of issues.


First, the tikka I purchased has a lot of white space, which means less surface area for me to apply the adhesive.


Second, the shape of the tikka I used was a problem. Because it’s rounded, the only part of it that touched my forehead is the outer edge.

Step 2: Loop and Stick

Once the adhesive felt sticky, I looped the end of the tikka (the part that clips to your hair) in the white hook and firmly pulled it back through my middle part. At the same time, I pressed the pendant part of the tikka onto my forehead (approx. 30 seconds).


A couple of bobby pins later, I was ready to put it to the test.

The Result

I’ll admit, take 1 didn’t go well. The tikka came off after some light headbanging and kitchen shimmies (what?! That’s realistic reception dancing).


That’s because of the tikka design and shape. So I decided to redo my experiment with a tikka better suited to the task.

Take 2

I dug up a tikka that has a flat, solid back. That meant tons of surface area to apply the adhesive, and I’d be able to push the whole thing flat onto my forehead.

I reapplied the adhesive, waited 30 seconds, pressed it securely in place, and once again put it to the dance test—and it stayed!

The Verdict

For $14, you get your money’s worth with this kit. Especially if you need it for a week of wedding events or, more realistically, choreo for your next TikToks.  


The only caveat is that the type of tikka you’re using, matters. This product will go a long way if the tikka you pair it with has lots of flat, solid space for the adhesive to stick to.

Where To Get It

To get your own STK Kit, visit their Instagram page and send them your name, shipping address, and the number of kits you’re ordering.


Pay through Venmo, and you’ll get your STK kit in a short turnaround (definitely within 10 days).


If you get an STK kit, I want to see your tikka pics and videos! And let me know if you love this product as much as I do.

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